The Arcade of Deyja

Welcome to The Arcade of Deyja

I am Deyja, the Arcade’s creator

I welcome both your enemies and neighbors

My customers are your lovers and your haters

And though I value their patronage too

My most valuable customer is you

I’m busy though so we can’t procrastinate

Looks like you’ve done enough just by your weight

Sitting down as you eat another plate

Of food that increases your pitiable state

On top of that, your sleep’s inadequate at best

You lie in bed, but you never really rest

So you imbibe a few elixirs to relax

The real solution’s running laps or jumping jacks

Your tolerance for substances just grows

Your exercise tolerance is at all-time lows

Let’s not forget the fact that you are stressed

Unmotivated, isolated, and depressed

Of course everybody knows that life’s not fair

A lot of people end up saying “I don’t care”

We understand here at the Arcade of Deyja

We understand those thought patterns and behavior

But Deyja’s Arcade is the ultimate solution

The next step in your journey’s evolution

No more broken promises or resolutions

We bring all of your pain to a conclusion

Close your eyes as we walk through the Hall of Mirrors

Those who indulge in vanity are inferiors

Plus we’ve had enough of self-reflection

Now if you please follow me in this direction

Ah, here’s a classic, check out Whack A Mole

The game trains you in being quick and having goals

None of the moles have come up, this must be defunct

In all honesty, it’s always been a piece of junk

Here’s an idea, how about some basketball?

Wait, someone deflated them, oh blast it all

Look, you should try out that dancing game

No points? Well, too bad, ain’t that a shame

I bet that on this simulated race you’re fast

Oh! Had hope for a second but you came in last

Well, it’s not been going well so far

Final test, guess the number of the coins in the jar

There’s two, that’s right, you deserve a prize

As a reward, I’ll put these coins over your eyes

As far as how your life went as a whole

You were never really in control

Now you’ll need those coins to pay the toll

So you can pay for ferrying your soul

I should have said as soon as you arrive

No one leaves The Arcade of Deyja alive

Then with a start, from his sleep, he emerged

It took some time for him to calm his nerves

It felt so real he truly was disturbed

And it was just a dream, oh how absurd

He woke up late though so he ran to avoid

Joining the ranks of all the unemployed

No time for breakfast, he’d have to glean

Something from his job’s vending machine

He looked inside his wallet for some ones

There was nothing, just the two coins he had won

Welcome to The Arcade of Deyja

I am Deyja, the Arcade’s creator

An arcade where you lose when you’re winning

Where you doubt your own reasons for living

This young man here cheated death, that’s a sin

But death is the house and the house always wins