Author’s Note: This story is not yet confirmed if it is true or not but many people believe it is true. The real name of the characters and places will not be mentioned.

It may not be my own experience but someone told me about this.


It was a stormy night. Two teachers decided to stay in the university and continue to compute grades. They asked the security guard to let them know if a taxi already passed by the university to send them to their houses.

While they were inside the faculty room, busy computing students’ grades and checking exam papers, they heard footsteps coming from the hallway. They looked inside the peephole to check who owns the footsteps (might be the guard) but what they saw inside the peephole is red. All red and nothing more.

They found it very weird but didn’t mind it. Once again, they go back to their places and continue doing their work. Until then they heard the footsteps again and checked it inside the peephole but what they saw is red. All red and nothing more.

They felt nervous and decided to go out of the room and go to the guard-house. Once they were there, they asked the guard if he had been in the hallway a while ago but he said he didn’t. He explained that he hadn’t found any taxi passing by the university so he wouldn’t go upstairs. The teachers became shocked of what he’s explaining. Students already left and they were only the people staying in the university. They were not expecting anyone who would be walking in the hallway. Then the guard just remembered that there is a gossip in the university that a mysterious ghost with red eyes is roaming around the hallway…

  • Advice from a pizza

    This is VERY similar to the story, “White With Red”. In that story, a man experiences the same exact incident but in a hotel when he looks into keyhole of the neighboring room and sees red later learning it was a ghost’s RED eyes.
    I can’t say much other than it’s a shame to find this really. This is what we call “plagiarism” in the writing world.

  • Creeper

    This is a complete ripoff of a great pasta.

  • Zabrautanu Vlad Stefan

    Even if its a ripoff its still pretty good

  • Suzie

    This was a good read, Well done.

    • Mary Sophie Adelaide Arago

      Thanks even though I admit it is really a shame to know that this story is kind of the same with another story but I hope that you’ll believe me that this is not based from that story..