Quiet Killer

Luna was always alone because people thought he was crazy because of his appearance. He had no mouth, had eyes but they looked like a demon, he always wore a black hoodie and pants. One day in his high school there were these bullies who made him sow his mouth shut, Luna only used curse words so he had no use for his mouth anyways. He only had that one voice in his head that only said three words,

“Kill… them… all!!” Over and over.

“So do you like your skin? Or your demon eyes?” one bully said backing him in a corner with gasoline and a lighter in his hands. He just stranded there looking at them but he wasn’t scared of the gas or the lighter he wanted to die but that voice turned the around.

“Your power is all you need. Kill them and go after the people who ever bullied you!” but he never listened to the voice but this time he did and he had a murderous look in his eyes. As the bully came towards him Luna grabbed the gasoline and lighter from him, he had smiled so wide that the stitches in his mouth popped making his mouth bleed but he couldn’t feel it. He liked the pain in his mouth. He dropped the gas ad lighter grabbing a steel pipe and swings it at the bully hitting him in his stomach and kept hitting him and wacks his head, arm, and legs and the bully screamed his last scream.

“That’s sad I wanted more fun with you,” he said putting his hood on and walks out of the school with lots of blood stains in his hair and every victim he done had their mouths sewn shut.


Ten years past and Luna Williams is still missing and everyone of Blueford high was murdered with their mouths sewn shut. Police is still looking for Luna Williams and the murderer. Parents of Luna Williams are dead with their mouths sewn shut as well.

  • EricDraven

    Yet another “Jeff the killer” story with little to no story build up, character build up and seriously many mistakes in writting.

  • zac

    Horrible grammar and story, sorry mate, 1 star

  • Puddin Tane

    First he doesn’t have a mouth, then he does. So, if he has no mouth how could they sew it shut???