Premonition – Part One

During my elementary years, my classmates and I always predict what will happen soon. Sometimes it happens sometimes it’s not. Just like the Final Destination movies, we start to think of something like that.

Till one day I dreamt of something that might harm me and so do they as well. I quickly woke to think if I am aware of anything usual that just might happen to me.

It was 4:34 AM still I am awake, my eyes are struggling to blink my body feels cold till it struck at 6:37 AM I became drowsy as I lay and slept. As I woke at exactly 8:00 AM, “THERE WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!” my classmates said in a shocked way.

I felt it was all a dream. Then I realized that my classmate really got confined to a hospital. I was shocked to know about that incident after I slept. Ever since he was in a hospital I felt alone without a peer talking and laughing with me everyday… I never ate till I felt tired everyday I go home…

I never knew that would happen… maybe it’s just a coincidence… or maybe it’s just trauma. I never realize that my dreams sometimes leads to Dèjá vu or a “Premonition”.

It was 5:57 PM my eyes are feeling a bit tired, playing and watching videos in YouTube. As I felt lazy and more exhausted, my eyes slowly shuts down till I sleep of too much exhaustion. As I dream again my classmates whispers, “Who’s Next, Who’s Next?” as they repeated it over and over again with a large grin in their faces as they push me to a window falling to my death till I woke up.

My sister was mad at me saying that I must finish what I have to finish. I wasnt paying attention to my sister as I look at the clock. It was 8:12 PM, and I thought that I slept for a few minutes.

I finished the important tasks and then I went to sleep again this time it wasn’t my classmates anymore but Demons. I knew something was going wrong because of my dreams or just stress. They did the same as they threw me off the Hotel this time falling to a car instead of waking up I let myself to explore more in this dimension to look for something that might avoid their deaths even for myself.

As I walk further I havent had much time because I slept early before Midnight. The dream broke and I wasnt yet finished exploring in that unknown dimension.

  • Sierraa

    Not enough detail and a lot was confusing or didn’t make sense.

  • teresa robinson

    Very hard to follow. The story was very confusing and didn’t make sense in most parts. Seemed like it could be a good concept if you took the time to proofread and figure out what you’re going to say before you say it

  • IronMosquito

    This made almost no sense. If this is supposed to be a series, I suggest you step it up or drop it.

  • Sana alsilwi

    I really don’t like this . you should try harder it’s very confusing stop makin story’s if they sound this bad

  • Ellie Holt

    You’re either 11 years old or English is not your first language. What are you doing?