Hi, my name is Jordo. I am currently 19 and living alone. This story happened to me awhile back and it recently resurfaced in my memory somehow.

Let me set the scene for you, I was watching the clock full of boredom and stress, I just wanted to go home and play with my new “XBOX 360” that I recently bought around that time. The clock was nearing 2:30 pm and I was about to grab my binder and run out the classroom. DING! The school bell rang and I quickly ran out that door faster than you can say Chimichanga, I quickly opened my locker, grabbed my stuff, shoved my binder down my backpack, closed my locker and ran off towards the main doors.

The air was crisp and clear like no pollution ever dared to come close as if it were special. As usual, the first school buses around the corner and stopped at raced to their own special parking space, they stayed there and waited until they got what they wanted, their students, passengers, etc. I waited and played on my iPhone 4s until my bus came.

As soon as all the buses left I started walking home until my bus came. It had different colors, tinted windows, and even different brand, but with the same business name. I shrugged and paced my way towards the bus, I opened the door and he looked through his driver mirror and gave me a quick look. “Are you Jordi?”, he asked with a French accent.

“No, my name is Jord-o, with an O”, I began pronouncing my name until he agreed and began to ask my address. I told him my address and he input it in his old GPS so old most of his screen touches weren’t even read properly. I chuckled under my breath a few times as he kept swearing at the thing.

He eventually got it right and began to follow the waypoint. 6 Minutes pass and he said he needs to drop off some paperwork at his office. I shrugged and he went off route.

When we got there, we or I, had a change of drivers, “Hey, hey kiddo. Sorry! He had to go to the bathroom, she said to take care of my shift.”, he explained. I can clearly see blood marks on his hands and I begin to freak out. goosebumps grew in my arms and my arm hair stood up sharply. “Backup and Turn Right”, the GPS explained with a blank, emotionless remark.

“Backup and Turn Right”, the driver mocked with the same blank, emotionless response. “Ah, we don’t need this”, he added. At that point, I was texting my mom, “Don’t call me, Someone abducted me, please, please send help”.

My mom immediately texted back with, “GET OUT OF THERE RITE NOW!! THIS ISNT FUNNY! IF I FIND YOU HOME YOU ARE GROUNDED UNTIL YOU GO TO COLLEGE!!”. I rolled my eyes and held up my phone ready to take a picture, “CLICK!” the phone let out that annoying sound. The driver went into a complete stop screeching the tires and launching me to the front of the car. “Give me your phone”, he said in a serious and deep voice. I handed my now cracked cellular device and briskly sat on the passenger seat…


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