Polly Jolly

I remembered that I always played with my dolls, I have like 100 dolls collection in my closet when I was a girl but there is one doll that I loved the most and her name Is Polly Jolly

She was my favorite doll of all dolls because she is able to speak to me, when I was a girl I remembered that I keep promises to her that I will return as fast as I could from school.

Polly Jolly is a patient doll, I always apologize to her everytime I was late and she forgives me that’s why she’s my favorite.

One day my parents were on a divorce and I was devastated by that time but Polly Jolly she told me to get the gasoline and a lighter but I was curious what she’s planning.

I was a girl I don’t know things yet and she told me that she can bring my parents back together if I do his favor, so I did and that night I was sleeping when suddenly I felt I was moving.

I thought that it was my parents that were moving me but no it’s Polly Jolly she told me to wait outside and I was tired at that time I decided to sleep outside but then I smell something.

Something smells like someone is cooking so I decided to look and shocked that I saw my house burning within my parents I was crying then Jolly Polly said that I was dreaming.

I believed her and she told me that I need to come with her and so I did but by the time I was running, the police found me and took me to a foster family as I grow up as a woman

I have a job a good life so I told the cops where they found me and I went there as I was shocked my old house has a new owner and I told him if there was a family living in there.

They told me that there were two persons died here by the fire and I was shocked I said to myself I thought I was dreaming? Maybe Polly Jolly lied to me? So I went inside to look.

I saw a writing in the wall says why did you leave me? I told the owners who did this? They answered there was no one in the house but an old doll and I said where is that doll?

They said that doll is trapped in the basement and I said why did you trapped it? They said that it was possessed by a demon so I suddenly heard a voice in the basement.

A voice from the past when I was a girl I heard why did you leave me and said my name, the family told me that you’re that girl thats been mentioning by the doll.

I said what Is she’s saying? The family replied they said to me that she’s been waiting for you in a long time and she is starting to lose patience, I was just a girl who didn’t know what to do.

I left the house and decided to continue my life and I forgot about Polly Jolly, I swear to myself that I will not buy a doll to my daughter.

  • teresa robinson

    Sorry but not a good story. Not very well executed, hard to understand, terrible grammar. Try outlining your story becore you actually start writing so you know where youre going with it. When you get it written out, read it aloud to yourself slowly and make sure it makes sense.