Pokémon creepypasta: The Petalburg Forest

You may know Petalburg forest as calm and peaceful place for hiking and bug hunting but that’s not really true…..

You see, one day a little boy named John was watching TV when news report flash interrupted his favourite show: “Yesterday, one young trainer disappeared in Petalburg forest! The people of the Petalburg City say that girl came to the city with couple a of pokémon and stayed just for, approximately, two hours.
“She just went into the pokémart and pokémon center, talked to couple of people and went into the woods!” Said their neighbor, Miss. Twinkle.
“The girl didn’t come out of the forest for one whole day!” The reporter continued “If you live anywhere near or plan to go on at trip throughout the woods we suggest you to cancel all your plans and don’t come anywhere near the Petalburg forest until we investigate the case! Later today…”

He was too sacred to continue watching so he turned off the TV.
At that moment his oldest brother ran down the stairs with a big grin on his face and said:

“Hey guys I have an awesome idea! Let’s make our very own monster hunt movie in a forest!!!”.
“That is the best idea EVER!”, the middle child Danny popped from the kitchen.
“But…” little Jonny mumbled “That sir on TV said…”.
“Come on, John!” Harry interrupted him “Run to the bedroom and bring us dad’s old camera!”

Jonny had no use to argue with his older brothers because no one ever listens to him, so he did as it was told.

As he was running towards the bedroom he heard his two older brothers talking about something.

When he came back Danny wasn’t there.

“Collecting supplies.”

After a few minutes Danny came back with a big bag on his back.

“The props are ready?” Harry asked. Danny just nodded and pulled two great, cardboard swords from the bag and handed one to Harry.
“And what about me?!” Jonny cried.
“You’re too small to be an actor! ” Danny growled.
“Shut up or I will punch you in the face!”

Harry was just about to open the door when Danny yelled:

“Wait! Harry! What about Blade! Aren’t you going to take him with us?!”
“Nah!” He responded “That pidgey has trained a lot today. He needs some rest.”

As they were approaching the border of forest John noticed that there were no wild pokémon. Not a single one of them.
“Weird” he tought to himself; but he didn’t say a word because he was still mad at his brothers for making him a cameraman!

When they reached their destination the production of the movie began; there was the killing of the tree troll, concuring the berry goblins and don’t get me even started about the legendary fight with the stone monster.

After an hour or two the story was almost finished, but there was one more thing to do!

”And now we have slaid all of the bastards!” Harry said ”except one…”
”The ghost of Petalburg forest?!” Danny whispered
”Look!” Harry shouted ”It’s over there!” and pointed to the berry bush on his left. Danny ran behind the bush and picked up something.

At that moment John’s face turned from exited to slightly concerned.

”I don’t like this game any more.” he wined and pulled his older brother’s sleeve ”We should go home!”
”What! Why?” Harry said ”Besides, this is the best part!”

Danny ran back with a little, white pouch with a rope hanging from it, and two black smears to look like ghost eyes. Two older boys hang the so-called ghost on the nearby tree and started beating it up.

”Stop!” John cried ”Something bad is going to happen! Let’s go home!”
”Don’t be such a baby and film this!” Danny yelled
”Yeah! It’s the last scene of our new movie!” Harry agreed.
John crawled to the nearest bush , curled up and while crying started repeating things like: “this is a bad idea!”, and “please, let’s go home!”

The boys ignored him and continued punching and kicking the bag. Suddenly, red stains started appearing on the cloth and thick liquid of the same colour began dripping from it…

”Danny?” Harry asked with a concerned look on his face ”What, exactly, did you stuffed the ghost with?!”
Danny looked confused ”With rice and moss, just like you told me.”

John was crying louder than ever. Harry carefully pulled the bag of the tree and put it on the grass. At the moment when he untied the bag his face was disfigured with sadness, pain,fear and guilt ; John stopped crying and Danny’s mouth dropped. Harry’s eyes started watering as he picked up the dying Pidgey as gently as he could. The pokémon was badly bruised and bleeding ; his eyes were full of sadness and forgiveness and its little body and beak were tied together so it couldn’t cry!

”Blade why!?” Harry cried as he was untying the ropes from injured friend ”I’m so sorry! Please forgive me! Who put you there!? Who did this to you!? Blade listen to me, please don’t die!!!”

Danny and John were sad and confused;

“Who would do such a thing!? Why would anyone put their’s brother’s pokémon in a bag and let them kill it by an accident!!? What kind of monster does things like that!?!?”

After hours of crying boys decided that they should go home but Harry wasn’t able to lead the group so it was all depending on Danny!

“I think it’s that way.” he said and pointed into some random direction.
“Are you sure?” little Johny asked through tears.
“Yes, I think so…”

The boys began working their way through the forest; it was really hard… Harry could hardly walk due to his loss but was carrying a dead pidgey in his arms, Danny was trying to look resolutely although he was scared and had no clue where are they going, and little John… he was blindly following his older brother with hope that this horror will soon end and, unconsciously, clutching camera that was still filming.

They were walking trough the forest for a long time with no success of finding a way out.

At one point Danny suggested that they should split up; boys didn’t have any choice so they did as he said.

John was scared like a mouse. He didn’t know should he run or hide? Where are his brothers? No one has called on his walkie talkie for a good half an hour.
Suddenly he tought he heard a horrible, dying scream! It wasn’t like a pokémon cry it sounded human!
He wasn’t sure if he really heard it but he speeded up his walk.

“Almost a hour more passed and still no one had called me…” he tought when his walkie talkie started humming

“John! John! It’s me!!” it was Danny! “Shw is after me! Run John! Run!”

His voice was filled with terror and sounded disorders due to the static of the walkie talkie but he was sure that he could also hear something following his brother and it was aproaching quickly!
Suddenly a painful, blood freezing scream came through the speakers which was followed with a cracking sound and everything went quiet.

John was crying! He was terrified and running faster than ever.
He threw his walkie talkie away in the bushes and started screaming! Suddenly he tripped over something.
John looked behind him and saw a lifeless body of his oldest brother!
Harry’s face was horribly scratched and his eyes were missing but he was still holding dead pidgey on his chest!

Johny jumped and screamed with terror! He dropped his still filming camera; the lenses fell to his opposite so it was filming a nearby tree!

It recorded a sound of John’s feet running away and someone other’s following him and than a horrifying, bloody, painful screech!
It was John!!!
Everything went quiet for a second and a sound of someone’s footsteps slowly approaching the camera trough the grass followed.

And cut! ” said the psychotic feminine voice and everything went black.creepypasta-02

  • rafif arkan

    So is it like the kids were an actor on a movie or that some psychotic son-of-a-deedly really follows them?

    • Theotheemo

      Basically yes. Three boys were filming themselves in the woods when s**t started going down.

  • Simon

    How the conversation persumably went:
    -Ok, we’re clearly lost. What should we do now?
    -Maybe if we try finding the Polar Star or we keep walking in one direction or we just rest here and wait ’till the sun rises again, we could have a chance to…
    -Wait, I got it! I know what we should do!
    -We gotta split up!

  • Trish Ashley

    I never thought I’d like a story with so many grammar mistakes but people have to start somewhere. nice work 🙂