Piercing Blue Eyed Man

It was dusk. I was taking a drive with my friend through the woods near where she lives. We decided to check out a couple of the old cemeteries in that area, and do some ghost hunting. I was always fascinated with the kinds that date back to the 1700-1800s, and wondered if any of these places were haunted. Unfortunately, I did not have the gall to go to any of them by myself after dark. We pulled into one, walked around the old grounds, and began taking some pictures. Nothing eventful happened at this cemetery. We decided to leave and head to another one a few miles away.

As we drove up the road to the cemetery, I have to admit I had a slightly foreboding feeling in my bones. My friend didn’t say anything, so I was unsure as to what she was feeling. I kept driving, my eyes fixed on the darkened road. There are no streetlights in that section of roadway. This cemetery has an old church on the grounds, and it appeared abandoned. I drove into the parking area and got out. My friend delayed.

“Let’s go, girl!” I said enthusiastically. “The ghosts await!!” Finally, she got out and joined me as I was heading toward the ancient looking church. I was more creeped out at this cemetery than at the last one, but it didn’t seem to faze her. We took out our phones to begin taking pictures. I started out with the church, her with the grave stones. As I zoomed in slightly to snap the window, I noticed what looked like a dim candlelight in the back area of the church. Inching closer, I snapped my shot. Nothing on the photo. But I could still see the dim light.

I slowly got closer, this time asking my friend to join me. I didn’t tell her I was seeing the light, and she didn’t mention it. We went up to the window, this time peering in. It was so dark that we couldn’t even see the pews. But I still saw the dim light, despite my friend obviously not seeing it. I spoke up.

“Can’t you see the light in there?!” She didn’t answer. I was dumbfounded… I snapped a photo on my phone as she did on hers. At that very moment, the light got bigger and brighter, yet only I could still see it!

“How the heck don’t you see that?!” I exclaimed. She looked at me like I was crazy, and started heading back to the truck. I decided to go around to the side of the church, in hopes I could get a better glimpse of what was causing the strange light that nobody else could see. As I approached from a side window, which was situated more towards the back, I saw something I would NEVER forget. Something that sent such chills down my spine. Right in the spot where I’d seen the light, was the figure of a man. He had a small dog with him, and he was holding a dimly lit lantern. The worst part of it, the part that made my spine tingle, was the fact that he had piercing blue eyes. I know, it sounds weird… you would think I would say he had red eyes. But they were blue, the brightest blue I’d ever seen. I couldn’t even tell what color the dog’s eyes were, as I was fixed on his. I snapped one more photo before I ran. I just HAD to get proof! Afterwards, I ran back to the truck. My friend was already in there waiting for me.

“Did you figure out where your light was coming from?” she asked. I went to pull up the photo on my phone to show her. But as I did, my phone glitched. I decided to wait til we got back to her house to show the evidence that I was certain I had. We arrived at her house a few minutes later. I tried to get the photo up again, but it was gone!

“The ghost man with the dog erased it from your phone,” said my friend with certainty. I turned to her in shock.

“When did you see them?!” I shouted.

“I see them all the time. I asked the man to let you see him and his dog.” I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. She continued, “He likes to visit me in my sleep, ever since I first saw him the way you did tonight.” I was in total shock at that point. I decided not to spend the night at my friend’s house as planned. Instead, I hauled a*s home. I pray I never get visited by the piercing blue-eyed man and his little dog…

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    Soooo… Your friend is haunted by an old lighthouse keeper? Cool, cool.