Patchy Patchwork – Chapter 1

“What if I kill? Would it finally give me emotions?”

We all know that all of you don’t know that the urban legend named Patchy Feaster, AKA, Patchwork which was one of the triplets of the Feaster Family, Fyr (Fear) Patchy, and Matryoshka. The three of them has been separated long ago after an incident where the proxies terrorized the whole family causing the children to flee into darkness as for all we know the great Slenderman came to Patchy and named him Patchwork.

Patchwork was the lowest of the low of the triplets, or even maybe the Feaster Family. He couldn’t feel any emotions, he couldn’t feel love even no matter how many times he tried to love, he couldn’t feel guilt, no remorse, empathy, neither even just conscience. He doesn’t have any of that since he was born so it feels like as if he was just a ghost to everyone of his family.

He’s been hospitalized to be confined for psychotherapy to gain his emotions but nothing works, even medicines don’t work either. He wanted to feel. All he felt was emptiness in the void of his heart.

The only feeling he has is the interest for slasher or horror movies. He loves them and he realized something…

“What if I kill? Would it finally give me emotions?” Patchy said, “Because you see, everytime I see a killer kills someone he laughs and what’s been twisting my little mind is that, if I killed someone, would I feel the same? Would I finally have emotions? Can I finally feel something?!”

For the first time Patchy smiled but it wasn’t a just any normal smile, it was the smile of a psychopath.

Each of his parents give them knives in their 18th birthday, now’s that Patchy is 18 he was given a butterfly knife, for Fyr a karambit, and as for Matryoshka a bayonet. Patchy was dazzled by the knife he was given. It was pure black and shines from the reflection of itself from the light.

Now he has a knife, he can put it to good use…