Paper – Ch 1 Just Ketchup

Riley woke up, coughing, as if her lungs were going to rip out of her chest. She sat up immediately, expecting to be in her large violet coloured bed. She looked around, noticing that she wasn’t in her room. There was torn peach paper covered in blood, real blood, not the ketchup Riley thought it was. The paper was crumpled, sitting next to her. She glanced at it, it had words written large on it `paper, rip me’.

Riley picked up the paper,staring at it. She flinched as her long brown hair floated on to the blood on the paper. She put both of her thumbs at the top of the paper, effortlessly ripping it. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach, as if something were to rip out. She fell on her side, hitting the wooden floor of the spacious room. This time when she coughed, she coughed blood. She chocked on her blood before vomiting it out.

Her skin became pale, as her lifeless body fell to the floor as a hand reached out to her.

Erin sat down at her computer, pinching her thigh with her long nails. She lifted her head up, facing the rest of the gang. Rick, Wendy, and Jake. They all froze, waiting for someone to say something. Erin sighed and started to speak.
“We all know the news, right?” Erin said, having sadness in her voice.
The gang nodded as Wendy stood up.
“We can’t find er. ”
”-We have to! ” Erin budged in while Wendy was speaking.

The door flung open, as a skinny ginger boy came into the room. He had paper in his left hand.
“Guys!” He called out, as spit flew out of his mouth. “Look!”
He came closer to the rest, with his eyes wide open. There were dark red stains on a crumpled piece of paper, ripped halfway.
“Ketchup.” Jake sighed. “What’s so good about ketchup, ginger?”
The ginger boy frowned.
“I’ve got a name and it’s Robert.” He took a deep breath. “This is blood, not ketchup.”
Rick looked closely at the paper, narrowing his blue eyes.” Is not a shade of ketchup, and that’s believable.”
Erin looked at the paper too. She could read the words on it. “‘Paper, rip me’?” She read out, confused. The gang looked at each other, speechless. They all sensed the fear and confusion that filled the room.

Wendy cut the silence by shouting “I’ll rip it!”
Everybody looked at her, they nodded at her bravery and Robert handed the bloody paper to her. Wendy aggressively ripped the paper apart, crying blood as she collapsed to the ground, blood everywhere. Everyone froze at Wendy’s dead body. Jack started to cry, as Wendy was his school crush. Tears went down his cheeks and Rick comforted him, being his twin. They started at Wendy’s corpse, filled with fear. Erin’s parents weren’t home and if they called the police they wouldn’t believe them. Erin fought back her tears.

“Look at the paper, now! ” Robert caught everyone’s attention.
They looked at the paper.
” Oh God.” Jack whispered.
The paper was free of crumples, stains were gone and it now read ‘Gotcha’.
Erin’s eyes widened as she felt something tight on her neck. She chocked, fighting back the feeling. She turned around as the feeling stopped. “They will kill us at any opportunity.”
Jack stopped crying and said” We have to investigate, if any of us left are going to live. ”
The rest of the gang nodded, packing up stuff like, hammers, knives, lighters, and more things that can kill.

” We could just burn the thing. ” Robert suggested.
Jack turned.” Are you that stupid, ginger? We will all die if we burn it. ”
” Don’t call me ginger. ” Robert demanded.
” When do we go? ” Rick asked, looking up.
” The night is when they attack, probably, let’s go by then. ” Erin said, as the group nodded, still filled with fear.

They all wondered where to put Wendy’s corpse. Do they tell the police and hope for the best? Wendy was dead, dead. Nobody knows. They could just say that they couldn’t find Wendy when she decided to go home. The last one was a better idea. Everyone had the courage to just stare at each other,in silence. Their breathing was the only thing they heard, Erin started to speak.
“We’ll just say we couldn’t find Wendy when she decided to go home. ”
The group looked reluctant to accept the fact that Wendy was dead. But they had to burry her in the woods.

The group were frightened, turning pale. Rick bit his nails and Jack wiped his tears. Robert looked more alert and Erin looked around for more weapons in the kitchen and her dad’s tool box. In the tool box, she found a gun with bullets beside it in a plastic bag. She picked them up and stuffed them in the pockets of her ripped jeans. She went back up the stairs, facing the group. “You’re staying at my place tonight.” She said. “So if we could protect each other .”
The group nodded, lying on the floor, falling asleep. Little did they know, someone was tapping on Erin’s window, watching them.

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    Hope you like the story!

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    What’s happened.
    Strange story.

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    I like it so far, can’t wait to see what happens!

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  • Simon

    “Hey, here’s a random bloody piece of paper that says ‘Rip me’. Let’s rip it, disregarding everything else completely!”
    Also, what terrible kind of ketchup are these people eating if they confuse blood for ketchup.
    Also, What’s going on? Who are these people? What are they doing? And why should I care?

    • AkiKittyLove

      Right! It’s like a cheap horror movie.