Pain From Inside to Out

A boy, a teenager to be persist he’s 17 and he has these urges for pain, hurt, death. He goes to school with a smile on his face but what people are reluctant to know or care what goes on around him. And these urges of his scare him but he embraces those urges as if he wants it to happen already.

He’s had these urges since he was little and he did not know how to control them and he was scared but as he got older they, he got worse. He started hurting not just himself but others not because he needed to but because the voices he hears in his head, and his urges practically forced him, he didn’t care what people said or saw in him.

I didn’t know him or at least knew him but what I’ve been told is that he tried to kill his own sister and he had no remorse but he had got arrested, then I met him on this one day when me and some friends were walking to school and we saw him at the store but I didn’t have it in me to talk to him. I thought that he was fine but that same day, that same boy he took his life in the school bathroom and what I should have noticed that the reason he was at the store was to buy a knife, and now there are cops, ambulance, and doctor’s here, there’s blood everywhere.

But what a convince it is that I’m in the same bathroom he was in when he took his pain away, now it’s my turn *slit’s throat* (cycle remains the same).

  • Advice from a pizza

    All very bad grammar aside, this story doesn’t know what it wants to be: Lonely, mentally ill young man? Sibling abuser? A cautionary tale about a fellow student? A haunted grief-stricken curse that makes you commit suicide?

    I’m conflicted at what direction you’re trying to go for and seems you are too. It seemed like just shoe-horn anything in and hoped one piece stood out enough to hold up the other bits to create a “story”. Pick a direction, stick with it, then flesh it out.

  • IronMosquito

    *slits throat as well*
    All jokes aside, this was terrible.