Do y’all know how it’s like being burned alive? No welp, let me tell you my story.

I was born April 19 1994. I was always bullied in school. There was always a bully named Heavenly. That b***h made my life miserable.

After my parents died in a car crash, I joined the US army. It was going pretty good until I was captured and tortured alive. Then those m***********s burned me alive after I refused to give them damn answers.

Once I was found, my top right side of my face was burnt off. My body was abandoned but Slenderman saved my life. Now I serve him.

Now I go around and kill who Slenderman tells me to or guilty people. I might come after you next so look outside to make sure I’m not.

  • Kraven The Hunter

    Needless to say this is a raging dumpster fire. No pun intended. It’s just bad.


    If i vomited in a pot and boiled it for an hour,it’d be more pleasant than reading this.

  • IronMosquito

    I don’t even know what to say…

    • Nemesis

      I believe it to be better if we collectively tried to forget this monstrosity ever existed. I only wish I had gotten a warning out sooner so no one suffered the fate I did.

      • IronMosquito

        We share the same burning pain, my friend. We can mourn for this fandom together.

  • Waamy

    I suggest using actual art instead of Gacha. It makes it look like what you are going to read is going to be good. I also suggest changing the pacing of the story.