Old Ghost Road

Out in the Amish country, in the middle of nowhere on an old dirt road a legend is told. The locals would tell horror stories and tell us to avoid the road at night. They say an Amish man and his daughter were killed by a drunk driver on that road. They also say that if you park your car at the end of the road with your lights off you will see the apparition of the Amish man searching for his daughter. Being adventurous teens we had to see for ourselves… big mistake.

We ventured out to Amish country and found the road. On our way we passed several big crosses and several grave yards it was creepy. The trees where thick on the road they formed almost a pitch black tunnel of dying trees and dead branches with brown leaves clinging to life. The road was really bumpy and filled with pot holes. It was an old dirt road the led to pretty much nowhere. We made our way down the road it kept getting darker and darker and the moon became fainter and fainter.

We finally made it to the end of the road and parked our car facing the way we came. We turned off the car and our lights and waited. We waited for about 40 minutes then we seen a dim light off in the distance. We started freaking out and asking each other, “Do you see that?”

We thought it might just be something reflecting the moon so we decided to wait longer. The faint light would get closer and closer. I begged my friends to leave but they wanted to stay. The light grew brighter and bigger with every minute. Then it starting forming a figure of a tall lanky man. My friends were convinced to leave because even they where starting to get scared. My friend tried jamming the key into the ignition but the car wouldn’t start. He was starting to get nervous now. “Oh god it won’t start” he cried everybody was freaking out by now.

The apparition was about 30 feet in front of us we could hear it moan, “Mary, Mary where are you Mary?” We where terrified it kept getting closer and my friend’s car still won’t start. The ghost was about 5 feet in front of our car we could see him perfectly. He was tall and withered, his face was white and dead with a grey and black beard. His eyes were sunk into his head and his clothes where rough and tattered with black blood stains all over it. He was walking with a limp dragging his left foot behind in the gravel. But the strange thing was he walked right past the car like we didn’t exist. He just kept moaning, “Mary, Mary where are you Mary?”

After he passed us my friend tried starting his car hoping the spirit won’t come back. His car turned over instantly and started up. We where so relieved we turned on the headlights and took off. I looked back and I could see the old Amish man staring at us like he’s watching us leave. We entered his domain I was scared but in a weird way I wished would could have helped him. Maybe we will return to Old Ghost Road someday and solve the mystery. Maybe we will not either way it was a terrifying night.

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs a lot of work. Punctuation, sentence structure just to name a few.