This story was made not to scare you but to warn you about the journeys of finding easter eggs in games.

I’m no ordinary kid I would say I’m like most nerds, out there playing games to escape reality so we don’t lose are s**t, maybe that’s just me. But, what I’m about to tell you is something that happen to me once, and once in a lifetime things should stay once in a lifetime.

It all started on October the 5th when I first got Ratchet and Clank. I craved for this game and as a Child I’d play Ratchet and Clank every day on my PSP but, I didn’t beat it of course I was stuck on the sheep world they had multi-player so it fix that. I also would play NFL on my PSP a lot but, that story is for another day.

So, back to what I was saying as soon as I got home my mom said.

“Isaac, don’t forget to clean your room before you play the game.”

Pfhh, we all know that’s not gonna happen.

So I pop the disc into the console and I had no storage what a surprise I’ve beaten ever game on my shelf so I deleted an application that I barely play so I can enjoy Ratchet and clank of course.

It all started up normal of course so, I click new now it’s been quiet some time since I’ve played Ratchet and Clank so I thought it was gonna be like the others, I was wrong.

I finished the intro and everything and I traveled to this planet called Novalis it looked like earth and what was stranger is it didn’t have any signs of bolts on the bottom of the planet like it does on every other planet, I ignored it and assumed it was part of the game.

I went to the planet and went straight to the caves cause, why not. I entered the caves and it told me “treasure is near by good luck hunting” which was strange cause there was no bolts at the bottom nor any other info to tell me there was something there. So I looked and, looked and, looked and finally I found it hiding behind the walls.

A few minutes have passed and I enter a room called the Waterworks where I met this man called the Plumber who took his first appeared in the “2002” Ratchet and Clank game. Some people say he can see in the future as soon as you walk up to him he notices who you are but Ratchet looks at him like he’s crazy.

The plumber fixes the ship and says “See you in the next reboot” is it weird that only 3 characters know their in a reboot.

The plumber, Quark and the prisoner who joined Quarks cellar.

Now I finished most of the planets and decide to go back to Novalis after beating planet Quartu.

It seemed very strange like this planet is the only one with billions of bots responding everywhere around the map before I went to this planet Quark said Drek was gonna blow this planet up.

So I decided to go back and look around before it was too late. I should have destroyed it when I had the chance cause things went from bad to worst. The planet blew up and it was glitching really bad. I heard screams and cries, SOUNDS I would never of thought to hear and then, the screen cut to black.

It said in red text.
It’s your fault.

I was shocked at the words I thought I bought a moded game but that would be impossible like, I bought a used game and everything but how?

I question myself for a bit and then more words in red text popped up saying.
You could of saved them now, their burning and screaming in pain.

I tried turning it off but, nothing was working so I unplugged it which was a bad idea cause now my data could be corrupted I turned it back on and the screen showed the warning of corruption and then a loud screech was blaring on my TV at the same time it was flashing red letter.

It’s your fault.

Then it reseted, everything was normal. I decide to stop playing for the night seeing as I didn’t wanna go through that again so, I turned the lights off and I went to bed.

It’s been days since that incident with my Ratchet and Clank game and I’ve been having the strangest dream it could be my brain reacting to the easter egg or something but, it’s been going on for days I’ve been dreaming about boys and girls screaming people yelling at me and saying “it’s your fault” I guess that easter egg had a big effect on me or something.

When I walk home from school it feels like someone watching me I do have that paranoia most of the time when I go for walks but, my senses were upgrade I felt like someone had their hand on my shoulder and low whispers telling me to kill myself and it’s my fault they’re burning and screaming.

I walked into the house crying, shaking my mom starts running and holds me. I tell my mom and she looks at me like I’m crazy and tells me, “We are going straight to a therapist tomorrow do you hear me?” I replied “yes mom” I walk up stairs and turn around the corner and I see a black shadow of some sort.

Shaking in fear, I slowly moved back down. Stairs and that is when the shadow ran at me with his big grin and blood shot eyes.

I slept downstairs for the night I couldn’t come up with the nerve to walk back up there. I stare into the dark void of the stairs which led up into the hall now I don’t only have to worry about the dreams but, also the black shadow stalking me in the hallway.

I mostly stayed up all night because the thought of the black figure watching me all night.
The next day me and my mom go to the therapist’s office, her name is Jan she asked my mom a few questions and asked me a few questions what got me distracted was the fact the shadow was standing behind her.

She notices what I’m looking at she just doesn’t say a word. That also got me freaking out if she knows what I see why doesn’t she say a word. We finish up and my mom leaves the room Jan grabbed me by the shoulder and says, “You need to destroy that game.” I look at her with a puzzled expression and replied, “How do you know about the game?” She pauses and tells me, “Have a good day Isaac, I’ll see you next week,” still puzzled I walk out of the room and don’t look back.

Me and my mom go home and she says, “Son, do you still believe in what you see?” I know if I say no we won’t go back to the therapist but Jan knows something so I said, “Yes we need to go back next week,” with no response she turns back towards the window.

It’s been a full 5 weeks since I’ve played my console and I was getting bored so I decide to play some “call of duty” the game to keep every who’s insane sane. I play four or five games and I decide to play some zombies. I don’t have any DLC’s but somehow I had a new map called Silavon not noticing what the word acutely was

I hit play.

I can’t believe it.

It spreads to every game on my console.
All the zombies were friends and family I never noticed it until I looked closely on the zombies faces. My mom screams what did I do?

I rush down stairs and my mom…

My mom is dead.

Is it because of me, no it can’t be I look at the island below my mom who’s hanging from the fan. It says…

It’s your fault

I fall onto the ground shaking and breathing heavily I turn around and… there he is the shadow I seen behind Jan. I run out of the house screaming and crying the neighbors who live beside us see me. Mrs. Haris my history teacher takes me in and I tell her what happen Mr. Haris calls the cops and the hospital. I sit there in shock. The shadow puts his hand on my shoulder and laughs in a sinister sound. I ask Mrs. Haris if she can take me to my therapist Jan she says, “After the police talk to you and you get medical attention. I run to the door and Mr. Haris grabs me, I push him away and run out the door. Running fast and fast crying I get to the Jan’s Office and bang on the door yelling her name. The door cracks open and I walk into the building slowing, “Jan?..”

I said I open the door to her office and she is lying there dead.
Did I? I couldn’t have as it said below my mom it said beside Jan.

I say “No” over and over again the cops rush in and grab me.

I… I had a knife In my hand?

But how?

It was my fault wasn’t it?

It’s been 15 years sense my Mom and Jan died and in those years I’ve been in a mental hospital they said can leave tomorrow I was happy.

I haven’t seen that shadow in over 12 years I must be cured, I smile. The next day I go to my friends house he looks at me happiness, “Isaac?” He said, “Fred?” I say, “It’s been a long time I missed you bud.” He says, “I missed you too man.” We stare at the scars on his arm, “Did I do that?” I ask. He looks sad and says, “Yeah man you did, it’s okay that was 15 years ago.” We pause. “Wanna come in?” he says I say yes and walk in the house after that day I never tried doing a easter egg ever sense.

Written by: Isaac Alexander

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