Night Watcher

Legend of the mysterious creature that roamed the night spread like wildfire in my town. Many names were chosen but not a single one could explain the creature and what it is.

The bible refers to it as the Hallow, a creature who guarded the woods at night, snatching up anyone who dared trespass and placing them under a sort of spell.

The boogie man was told to come out at night and watch children while they slept, they stayed in the safety of the child’s darkest corner of their room and gave them nightmares.

Online the creature was called The Rake. Believed to be one of the most haunting humanoid creatures ever seen. I personally think this story was the closest to explaining the look of this monster.

The thing appears to be human. But never judge a book by its cover. Inside burns an evil hatred for man that dates back from the beginning of time.

If my theories are correct, the origin of this creature stems from thousands of years ago. A forgotten species of primates seemed to evolved into a more primal form of humans. It exhibits traits like bi-pedal walking and running but prefers all fours to stalk its prey in low shrubbery.

Reports of this creature has been slowly increasing as the human population expands its territory into the forest. And soon these creatures will adapt to this new world we created. Becoming less shy and more aggressive to their invaders.

I know this for a fact. I live near a mountain area in California with the woods surrounding my cabin. So I see them every now and then. They like to watch from the safety of the treeline across my yard. The dark of the night keeps them mostly concealed. But their glowing white eyes shine through, giving me a sign that they are still there.

But recently something has changed. I saw one of them come out from the shadows. He was spooked by my motion censored lamp outside and scurried off before I could take a picture. It was scary to see that one run away, since he was one of the few that runs upright. I tried placing security cams but awoke to footage of a rock smashing the lens.

Sometimes I feel they are peeking through my window at night. The thought makes me nervous about what they will do next. For now I call them Night Watchers. But I recently bought a twelve gauge to make sure watching is the only thing they are going to do.

Currently five of them are living by me. But I never got good evidence that they exist. Until it happened…

A group of kids were driving down the road when they spotted one running down an empty dark street. This one seems to be a little bigger and far more aggressive than the ones by me. But who knows that they will stay that way.

I’ve been hearing a noise outside the entire time I was writing this. So I’ll leave the file of the creatures’ appearance below and send this story online to spread awareness. Stay away from the forest children, something might be watching you.

Dedicated to Miguel Salgado. Happy birthday dad! Hope you liked the story.