The Hollow Eyed Man

This story is not for the faint of heart and I do not expect people to believe it, I just need to tell the world about something I saw when I was 14.

It all started with a text message at 1:06 a.m from a random person on Instagram named hollow_eyed_man. The first message said, “Hello Kevin,” but my name wasn’t Kevin so I thought it was someone who had the wrong username. I replied back and told him that he has the wrong username and I’m not the person he’s trying to talk to but there was something off about the way he kept messaging me back. His profile picture was glitched out and there was no photos on his profile. When I told him he had the wrong profile he messaged me back saying that he saw me. I thought it was just a prank and I didn’t respond back without the mistake that I had made. Just to be safe I decided to look out the window of my room just to see if anybody could see inside of my bedroom but there was nobody on the street in front of my house. I had two dogs so I didn’t feel threatened by an intruder if that was to ever be the case.

On the next day at the exact same time as the previous one, the same account contacted me again, this time with a message describing exactly how my room looked. They had every single detail correct, from the color of my walls to where my closet was located, they had zero detail incorrect. When I read the text, it freaked me out so I looked at the window to see if anybody was watching me again, but no one was around. The idea that somebody knew what my room look like without me meeting them scared me because at the time, the only person who went in my room was my cousin when he came over. I didn’t ever have friends visit because I wasn’t very popular in school. I looked at my phone and texted back, “Who is this?” No one answered.

The next morning I told my mother what had happened but she didn’t seem to care and told me that it was probably a dream that I had. 3 days later I got a call from an unknown number immediately when I got home from school. Once I close my front door my phone rang. It was like somebody was watching me enter my house and was waiting until I closed the door. I answered the phone but no one answered back. The only thing that I got from the call was a loud glitched sound coming through the speaker of my phone. It was so loud that it made my dogs run away from me when normally they’re excited when I come home. After 15 seconds I’m listening to that god-awful sound I decided to hang up phone. I wondered if it was the man that texted me 3 nights prior. 2 minutes after I hung up the phone I got a call again from an unknown number, so I decided to give it one more shot and answer again. This time there was no screeching sound, this time there was slow heavy breathing coming from the other line. Each breath sounded deep and raspy, as if somebody had liquid stuck in their lungs. I asked if I knew who they were but no one replied to my question in the breathing continued. I hung up the phone and turned my phone off so I wouldn’t get any more calls from strangers. I’ve been set my phone on my bathroom counter and took a hot shower so I could relax after a stressful day at school.

In the middle of my shower when I was washing the soap out of my hair and had my eyes closed, my dog started barking as if somebody was knocking at the door. I didn’t want to get soap in my eyes so I quickly wash the soap out of my hair and dried off so I can see who was at the front door. When I looked at the people there was nobody there so I told the dogs to be quiet and I went back inside the shower. Not even 30 seconds after I turned the water on I heard a loud crash come from the kitchen, so once again I turned off the water and went to investigate.

I walked through my living room and into the kitchen where I saw pots and pans that were hanging from the ceiling rack spread all over the floor. The only way that kitchen equipment could have fallen down was if somebody had moved it, but that was impossible because I was the only one in the house… or so I thought. I had a strong sense of dread fill my body and I became uneasy and paranoid. I cleaned up the mess and decided to put a rain check on the shower and wait until my mother got home so I would feel safer. I brought both dogs into my room and closed the door. I made sure it was locked so that nobody could get in and I waited. When I turned my phone back on I had three unread messages from hollow_eyed_man. The first one reading, “I hope you don’t mind if I come in.” A minute later the second message got sent saying, “You forgot to lock the back door.” My blood turned cold when I saw that text. I never locked the back door because I open it to let the dogs out to the restroom. 2 minutes after the second message, the third message was sent and it said, “I’m in your bathroom, and when walk out of the shower, you’re not going to see me but I’m going to see you.”

At around 8 that night my mother finally got home. I told her about the man and how he was scaring me but she just said it was somebody playing a prank. I tried to convince her that what was happening with a real but I had no success. that night I decided to stay the night at my cousin’s house since I didn’t feel safe in my room. When I told him the story he thought I was making it up as well. Later that night at around 11:35, me and my cousin were watching TV in the living room when the power went out. My cousin went to go check the fuse box and I stayed in the living room. A few moments later the living room was lit up my cell phone screen when an unknown caller contacted me. I didn’t answer the phone in fear that it was the man who was messing with me the whole time. After it sent him to voice message my phone rang again. It was from the same unknown contact, So I ignored it again. The phone rang a third time, then a fourth time, and then a fifth time before I finally answered. “Hello??” The only thing that came out the other line was 2 words in a muffled and corrupted tone. “Lights out.”

After hearing that voice I freaked out and hung up the phone so I could dial 911. Right as I pressed call, my phone died at 15%. I felt hopeless and cornered so I screamed for my cousins company but he was busy trying to see what was wrong with the power. Right next to the living room TV was a long corridor with four bedrooms attached to it, 2 doors on both sides. At the very end of the corridor there was a bedroom to the right, and I watched as one of the bedroom doors slowly creeped open. I tried to speak words but the only thing that came out of my mouth was a pitiful stutter with barely any volume at all. My eyes were locked on the door cuz I noticed a disfigured head slowly poke out from the room. It was dark so I can only see the figures silhouette. I was looking for a reflection of light through his eyes but there wasn’t one. He then walked his whole body out of bedroom and I noticed that his limbs were twice the size of the average person’s and his torso was skinny and malnourished. The figure just stood there watching me through the hallway.

I was frozen and couldn’t move, let alone speak. Whatever was looking at me was not human and I did not think it was friendly. The lights then turned on, exposing the figure’s appearance. What I saw is something that I will never forget for the rest of my life. A pale grey like figure about 6 feet and 5 inches tall stood there watching me with no eyes and his sockets. The creature was completely hairless and had no clothes. There was no breasts or g******s… Just a body with arms legs and a head. His eye sockets were dark black, so dark that no amount of light could brighten them up. His face looked like it was smashed in with a brick yet He wore a smile like a clown. With a grin as sinister as death himself, each side of his smile reached all the way back to the sides of his face. He had no nose, and its fingers were sharp like razors and long like sticks. His hands kind of rested on the floor as he stood there since his arms were so long. The hollow eyed man slowly opened his mouth and he let out a wretched groan that a deer would make if it had broken its leg. Except this sound was filled with the gurgling of blood in his lungs. He then lifted his arm and pointed at my phone. At that exact moment my phone began to ring with the unknown caller as the contact.

I couldn’t break eye contact with him though… I was afraid he was going to kill me if I did, there was blood dripping from the fingertips of this creature onto the floor, showing a sign that he had just killed something or someone. I started to hear my cousin’s footsteps approach which broke my concentration making me blink. When I opened my eyes from a split-second blink. The man was gone. Just after that My phone buzzed with a message by hollow_eyed_man saying, “I know who you are and now that you’ve seen me I have no choice but to remove your eyes. :)” I have yet to see a Hollow eyed man since. But to this day I still feel is empty eye sockets watching me everywhere I go. And I know he’s waiting. If anyone else has seen him please speak up. I beg of you.

  • Haven

    I’ve never seen it but my brother sometimes feels something and he somehow has a picture of it in his mind and that thing kinda sounds like how he describes it… I’ll show him this story and ask him about it

    • Haven

      I showed it to him and he said it’s basically the same except he’s always visualize it with black skin but he hasn’t actually Seen it so…

  • Elizabeth

    Ive actually seenthis, it was only a year ago when i was 11 im still freaked out