Night Demon (Killer)

Well this is my story.
You don’t need to know my name but call  me Enna.
I wasn’t interested in crimes and stuff but I was interested in arts!


Back then when I did something really really bad.

In school I was bored and we were free then. I didn’t have any friends. I liked to be alone.

I started sharpening the end of my brush. It became really sharp but I was still bored. So I started drawing some cartoon characters that I loved. As a teenager I would usually love to draw only and be alone all the time.

While I was drawing, three bullies (girls that were really popular then) came and started teasing me by saying, “Oooooo… Look how ugly she draws… Agh look at her and her drawing.” She took the page from me and teared it apart into pieces. Well f**k them I was so angry but tried to ignore her. I took my other page and started drawing again.

Because I was ignoring them they were annoyed and they took my page again and teared it apart. They even took my notebook and teared it. I stood up and said “STOP”. They pushed me and I fell down! They were laughing and teasing me. I had a pencil in my hand. I turned around quickly and stabbed her in her eye.  She started screaming. So I became nervous and took out my paint brush (that was sharped from behind) and stabbed her in her stomach. The other girl took out the scissors from the cupboard that was in the class and tried to kill me with that but it missed and I got a cut underneath my eye. It was bleeding but I ignored and stabbed both other girls before they tell the teachers or do anything wrong. I killed all three girls.

I was so nervous. As there weren’t anyone in the class. I locked the door and took their body and hid it in the cupboard and some other places. I took all the evidence (paint brush, pencil, pages, notebook and my bag) I had a napkin and tried to clean the blood from the floor but it didn’t work. I took some tissues and cleaned it as fast as I can. When I was finished I took my bag and tried to sneak out from the school which eventually I did!

My mum and dad aren’t usually at home that early because of their jobs. As I was the only child. No one is in the house! But unluckily when I got home my mum and dad were home. I ran to my room. My mum came in. She asked me what happened to you in an afraid manner. She started calling dad. I killed him as well! I decided that I couldn’t stay here. I cleaned the blood, hid their bodies their, and wore a hoodie. I packed my bag with some snacks, clean clothes, paint brush (sharped), pages, knifes and a mask to cover my mouth, water bottles. I knew my mum and dad have some money that I could use. I took the money and ran away from the house.

I walked ,walked and walked. It was late so I decided to stay in a hotel for a while. I stayed there. I thought that the money I have isn’t gonna last that much. I was a teenager. I don’t have a home, job, family, friends now and won’t be staying in the hotel that long. So I decided to live my way. It was about midnight when I took my knife, wore a dark purple hoodie and a mask covering my mouth, paint brush and I killed a  person that night to get money. I was nervous but then I yelled, “IT’S MY BUSINESS.” After that I started killing people. I kill people at night. Stab them in the eye with my paint brush. Now I am addicted !


May be if you wander at night. It’s gonna be u who’s next.

People call me night demon because I mostly kill people at night.

I don’t care… it’s a way of living.

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    Here comes the cringy oc which tries to copy jeff

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    Too painful to read.