Night Alone

I was wandering alone in streets at night. I don’t know why. I lived alone. The streets were completely empty.

I was walking when I saw a girl standing with a knife and a pointed sharp paint brush back . It was night so I couldn’t see her face but she had her mouth covered with a mask. I started feeling nervous or something like that.

She started coming towards me. I started panicking and started running. She started following me. I was scared. She yelled, “Don’t run ! I won’t hurt u that bad ! ”

I started wondering what she meant. I ran towards my house then looked behind to see if she was still following me but no one was there. I was still running. When I got to my house, I locked the doors and the windows. I finally relaxed but when I went to the bathroom…

I saw something written with blood:



Some of this won’t make sense cause you don’t know the back story .

  • IronMosquito


  • Saad

    Sharp paintbrush??

  • Swiftierunner

    Huh?? I didnt get it…it was all too sudden