Never Alone

You looked so sad, walking in the park alone. I leaned against the tree watching, your head hung low. I watched the tears slip down your cheeks. Shoulders slumped, your bottom lip trembling. For someone who said they would never cry, you’re certainly crying now. It made a smile slip across my lips. It gave me a little peace, watching the sorrow fill your face. You did this any way. You’re the only reason, you’re so alone. It wasn’t my fault. If you have gotten your act straight, this wouldn’t have happened.

I came out from behind the tree, and I followed you. My hands in my hoodie pocket, stained red. My hair had fell over my shoulders, I can smell the despair dripping from every pore. Your sorrow, fills my heart and makes me smile. Your pain, makes me feel, a bit more alive.

I kept up behind you, and you still didn’t see me. You didn’t realize I was there. You refused to turn around, and look behind you. Even if, you feel me there.  You feel my stare, and you just buckle against the cool winter breeze. I lift my chin, the anger rolled in my stomach as I watch you ignore me. It wasn’t fair…

I’d make your life, a living hell, for all its worth.

You, and all the women you f****d.

All the women you cheated on me with. I will make you, feel my sorrow, my pain, I will show you, real, true fear. A fear, you’d never felt before.

His phone buzzed, and he picked it out of his pocket. He answered.

“Hey Dawn, I’m just walking through the park. I’ll be there in a bit.” I cringed at that name, my friend…my former best friend; even after the events that had happened…she dared. She dared…

I reached to touch him, but he moved too fast. I followed, watching him roam. He went back to our apartment. He went back to our place…the place I had called home for four years. Four years of abuse, four years of tears, of pain…lies, decite. And still, you refuse to look at me. You refuse to turn around and SEE ME.

I clenched my fists, I watched you take her hands, hold them and you kissed her. I guess, what I did meant nothing? Everything I have done, was in vain? Playing the good little housewife while you were out banging her? My former best friend…

You didn’t come.

She didn’t come.

But you both, seemed happy that I’m not in the picture anymore. You especially; a cool hand touched my shoulder, and I reached up, touching the boned fingers. It was silent, but the remorse within his touch made my heart melt. I felt sick with admiration. I felt sick, with guilt for what I had done, and what I was going to do. But his cold touch, made my heart, just a bit darker.

“Are you sure, you wish to do this?” I didn’t look at him, I looked at the betrayer…the one, who had caused me to do what I have done.

“Your death, will not be in vain my dear. I won’t allow it.” they disappeared into the apartment. My wrath, will be felt. He, won’t ever be alone.

  • unknown

    Pretty depressing, but a pretty good story

  • Fiver

    The use of commas and ellipses is way overdone in this piece. Ellipses is typically meant to be used for excluding/”skipping” part of a quote or dropping a thought mid sentence to move to another one if not returning to the initial thought right afterwards. Commas signify a pause and, with a conjunction, can connect two independent clauses. If no conjunction is present a semicolon is needed to connect independent clauses. These are forms of punctuation meant to be used sparingly within a piece of text, but you use commas in almost every sentence and use ellipses several times.
    The shift of referring to the other character in second person to third is very distracting. The piece is in first person so we already know it is her thought, but if she is going to change from second to third person when referring to the other person the two ways of thinking need to be separated. When referring to him in the second person you should mark it in some way specifically as clear thought rather than opinionated observation and undirected thought.
    My only other suggestion perhaps is to keep the story down to the three characters and don’t vilianize the male so much. I imagine the main character was killed in some accident and is bitter and confused. She may actually be scary if we weren’t meant to root for her. By villainizing the man we can’t help but root for the character making this more of a revenge story then horror story. If he best friend and ex were both innocent and her anger stemmed from confusion making her a lost and vindictive ghost rather than one with reason behind her desire she’d seem like a horror character.
    All of that being said I still found the story decently intriguing and short enough that it is worth the read. It isn’t incredible, but it is good. The concept a bit overused, but I feel that with just a bit more work this could be a great, unique short story.

    • Ellpa Elgae

      I agree with what you said.

  • Leo Cruz

    Pretty cool 🍷

  • Hi_there

    Don’t get it

  • MegaCatDragon

    I got lost at the end