My Scary Childhood Story

OK, I’m a lot older now, but when I was a child, there was woods behind my house. My window face the woods in my room. Every night I would fall asleep watching the animals eat and watch the nature from the woods.

So as I did every night, I fell asleep watching the nature. When I woke up and went downstairs, the news was on and my dad already went to work. It was summer so I didn’t have school. My mother greeted me when she saw me with her vibrant smile.

“It’s a shame,” she said as I walked to the kitchen and sat down.

“What?” I asked.

“The murders that keep happening around town.”

“Yes it is,” I said.

For the past 5 weeks, there were a string of murderers going around killing people. People we knew. When the first one happened two blocks from our house, my dad freaked out. He locked all the doors and windows and told us to go into the basement. My dad being the marine veteran he was, wasn’t scared, wasn’t angry, just wanted to protect his family. We came out a few hours later. Now this week was more than fifteen murders that happens on our street. We don’t know why we haven’t been murdered yet but we’re glad. They only seen to come out at night. So we double locks our doors and barricade our windows. The cops have not seemed to do anything about it yet, and since we live in a small town this stuff rarely happens.

So when we first hear about it, we were shocked. Now me watching the news, watching bodies dead, bodies being carried out of their homes at taken to the morgue. It’s scares me. But here is the thing; the murderers never come from the street, they always come from the woods. Right behind our house. So the news cast ended. My mom went to work and I went upstairs to my room to watch some TV. Yes I’m a spoiled child. Later in the evening my mom and dad got home. We ate dinner and went to bed. I faced my window. The window that faced the woods. And then I saw it…

Eyes. Two pairs of eyes staring right at me. I froze. With one swift leap, I jumped out of my bed screaming for my mom and dad to come here. They burst into the room and I told them what happened. They let me sleep in their room. The next day my dad was off work so he called the police with a tip for the murderers. They said they would come by later in the day. So the police came and I told them what I saw, they took me very seriously. They even searched the woods but didn’t find anything. So the day came and went.

For the next seven nights, the eyes got closer and closer. Come at a steady foot per night. On the eighth day was my moms and dads anniversary. They went out for the night. They had asked if I wanted to go to my aunts, but I said no. So they left, they told me if anything happened to call the police and then call them. I went upstairs to play some video games. I thought only 20 minutes had passed then i realized it had been 3 hours. I had jumped into bed and started to drift off when something caught my eye outside.

It was the eyes, but not two, it was just one pair. I started to get scared. I was wondering where the other pair of eyes were. Then I heard a crash downstairs. I froze. I hid under my bed. I heard steps coming up the stairs. I wished it was a dream, but then I heard my door open. I saw big feet stomping across my floor. I didn’t make a sound. My bed was pretty low to the ground so I fit tight under there, but it was worth it. The man checked the closet and bathroom and left. When I heard the door downstairs shut, I sprang from my hiding spot and ran to the phone. I called the police and told them what happened. They told me to stay on the line and to hide.

So I went to hide in my closet. While I was hiding, I realized something I never checked where the other pair of eyes was. Then I heard my glass window break. He walked to the closet door. He pulled it open slowly. He was tall but thin. He grabbed me and I screamed. He put something over my nose and mouth and I passed out.

I later woke up strapped in a chair, in a dark room. I tried to scream but couldn’t. My throat was too dry from what the chemical that made me passed out. Then I saw a man walking toward me with a large knife. I tried to escape but couldn’t. I wished I had went to my aunts. Then I heard a bullet shot. It hit the man in the head, instantly killing him. Then I realized, the Find My iPhone app was on my mom’s phone and it was connected to my phone. The police found me and took me home. My parents rejoiced. They never allowed me to stay home alone again, I agreed. I don’t know what the man’s plans were with me. But I’m seeing eyes every night in the woods before bed.