My Real Ghost Encounter

So obviously people who read this some may think it fake. Others won’t. I’m gonna say this is 100% true but I understand your scepticism.

I was 2 when I met my first ghost. Some of these are from my mother and others are from what I thought was a dream. Anyway I would always talk to my shadows as a kid. She always asked who are you talking too. I’d say Johnny. My mum thought, ‘Well he has an imaginary friend,’ but sadly she learnt my friend isn’t so fake.

One night I’d be in bed. I’d look up at my cupboard and see a completely black figure. Whether it was my eyes playing tricks on me or not I don’t know. All I remember was feeling pure fear. I never been more scared. Since then I remember somehow getting to sleep and dreaming of such a white room. It looked like it was glowing. Then I seen two men. I called one the good man, the other the bad man. The good man was protecting me.

One night I got hit. I woke up screaming ran to my mum and step dad crying. They asked me whats wrong while blood was coming out of my mouth. All I said was the bad man hit me. After a couple of times more night like that and things being thrown across the room, my mum did some wiccan spells to cast out all entities. I didn’t see anything after that. Well my nan passed away not long after we moved in right next door in my nans old house and now I’m 20. My friends are terrified of my back room. Girls that stay over say that they feel held down and can’t move and sometimes I get the same fear from. When I was a kid is there anything I should do. My mum doesn’t believe me and I’m not a believer in god also. What was the white room. I’ve never heard of it before and I try to do research on it to see if someone else had the same experience. Please comment below if you find or know anything.

  • Raven Irene

    That sounds like a poltergeist, probably 2 of them most likely twins. Try salt circles maybe or ask your mom if she fixed it for a while. I live with one but she has only hurt one person. Ive never seen the white room but my fuess is its like a dimension between reality and imagination reality and dream. I could ask my mom but no guarantee ill get an answer. Good luck if that doesnt work try talking to him if you can find signs, just post again or comment here and ill help translate.

  • Tracey Bracero

    You need to pray.. Ask God to protect you and your family and to show u a solution. If ghosts are real then why not God and Jesus.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    It’s written awkwardly, and not well. I’m not sure if this happened or not, but parts were difficult to read and understand because of how it’s written.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    But sometimes, what?

  • Daniel Di Benedetto


  • Jayden

    Idk I always have a problem with stories like this which say “Ik you think it’s fake but it’s not!” Bc…man you uploaded that to the Creepypasta Wiki, the hub for stories which are not real, and are just written to freak you out. Of course I don’t believe it’s real if I stumble upon that story here.

  • Lance Tackett

    Try doing a home clensing with sage. Most ghosts you can get out with sage and telling them to leave.