My Penpal

Hi, my name is Alison, and this is my little sister’s story about her mysterious pen pal. My sister’s name is Lauren, and she is gone from my life. So this is for Lauren. So, the story starts when Lauren was 7. She knew how to write with punctuations, and stuff like that. One day, she got a mysterious letter from a person called, “R”. But,since Lauren was little, she didn’t know the consequences to her actions.

But,she was clever, because she hid the letter. Until everyone was out of sight, she would run to her room and lock her door and read the letter. I know your asking,”How do you know this?” It’s because *sniff* she told me the day she died….

Anyway, moving on, so she would write a letter and just put it in the mailbox. But, somehow, none of my parents nor me found them. So that was the first letter.

The second letter was a month later. Now that I remember, Lauren told me that there were 4 letters. So, it was Laurens 8th birthday, and I saw her run over to the mailbox, but I walked off before I could see what she pulled out. But, I did see her run into the house. I didn’t really care. I mean, it was her birthday, and she could whatever she wants except to run away, do drugs, and stuff like that.

On that same day, I saw Lauren run to the mailbox and she put something inside. But as I said, I didn’t care. The third letter came the next week. This is when I had it. I saw Lauren go to the mailbox, and I ran to her room and hid in her closet. I did this because she reads what she has out loud, and she reads what she wants to write out loud. After that, before she could go out to the mailbox, I sneaked up behind her and I grabbed her. She started squirming. I just held her. Lauren! What are you doing!? I said. I’m not telling you Ali. Lauren said. I let her go, if she isn’t going to cooperate, then why try?

I looked out of her window to see Lauren put something on the mailbox. The last letter came the day she dies. But instead of a letter, there was a person at the door, and Lauren opened it. I was spying on them in the hallway, until I saw my sister… being blown across the room. I was awestruck as I saw my sister’s body hit the wall and it started bleeding on the floor.

I almost screamed and I ran to my room. My parents weren’t home, so I locked my door, and I called 911. I told them that there was a stranger in the house and that person killed my sister Lauren. 5 minutes later, I hear sirens, and I felt a little less scared. The door was still wide open, and I knew that the stranger was still looking for me.

I heard the sound of tasers, and there was a knock at my door. I opened it to see the police. They told me to cally parents and tell them what happened.

To this day,I mourn of my sister and wonder about “R”.

  • Holly Lacelle

    Tbh this isn’t creepy

    • Jalaina Scranton

      It may not be creepy or scary but it’s still good though

  • Simon

    Huh, didn’t know postal services were so easy to use…

  • Fiver

    This is poor, lazy writing. There is no detail, no development, nothing unique to it. You didn`t even take the time to actually name or describe “R” in anyway. You talk about going to listen to the sister read, but you include nothing from any of the letters. There is also discrepancies in the plot which only stand out more because the piece is so short. You write that her sister told her everything yet seem to exclude that on the actual day of the sister`s death. This is just a rushed jumble of writing.

  • Johnnyboy

    Good story idea. Not the best “execution” of the idea (get it?) but anyway. You need to be more descriptive with the main characters, and add quotations when someone is speaking. But as I said, good story idea, just eeds some touch ups! 😀