September 1, 2014:

Tomorrow, I start middle school and my little sister starts first grade. My sister’s name is Miliana and my name is Macie. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow because I’m a new kid and every new kid gets bullied their first week. The rest of the school year, the bullies will most likely stop but last year, I heard that more than half of their little bully group got expelled for doing bad things like graffiti, beating up kids and trespassing when they got suspended. Mili has it easy. All her friends moved here too and first grade is way too easy. Mili is so excited to show everybody her new “friend” she made over the summer. I honestly don’t even know what she means because this whole summer, we’ve made no friends. Neither of us have. My mom is calling me for dinner, bye Journal! See you tomorrow.

September 3rd, 2014:

My sister has been acting pretty weird since we moved here. Yesterday when I got off the bus she didn’t come running to me and give me a hug. Even though I tell her to stop, I feel kinda sad that she didn’t even come out on the balcony when I called her name and rang the doorbell. Instead she opened the door and just stomped right back into her room. She did the same thing today. I knocked on the door and she clearly didn’t budge. I just heard whispering from a voice that sounded scratchy and kinda dark. I banged on the door and yelled, “Mili! Open this fudging door so you can eat.” I heard her stomach ache from starvation. She hadn’t ate for two days so she opened the door a crack and said, “Bring me my food.” Within a second I kicked the door open. She slammed the door on me and locked it again. My mom can’t find the key to her door, so I guess my mom is gonna have to buy another key or something. I looked under her door and saw her feet dangling of her bed. She was moving them back and forth, whispering.

September 7th, 2014:

So it’s Saturday and school has been pretty good actually. The bullies thought  I was pretty cool so haven’t messed with me at all. Mili hasn’t been doing so good though. One day she’s fine and happy. The next day she’s furious and disrespectful. Or she’s emotional and humble. Or she’s just anti-social and “not hungry”. Normal kids that are 6 like playing with toys or coloring, but Mili, she’s so bipolar. And the whispering hasn’t gone away either. Even if she is in a good mood, she starts tapping her feet, biting her nails, and whispering which gets her in a bad mood. Mom booked an appointment with a therapist for Mili. I hope she’s okay and not crazy.

September 28, 2014:

I’ve been hiding in my treehouse for hours, while Mili is throwing a fit inside my house. She isn’t allowed up here so this should be a good place for her not to find me. Wait, why is Mili walking towards the lake?

October 1, 2014:

I’m sorry I got cut off in my last entry. Mili was walking towards the lake in anger and I panicked so I jumped out my tree house right next to her and grabbed her leg. I broke my shoulder and arm though which really hurted. Earlier she was talking with her “friend” about killing something. I think I should tell mom about this because her “friend” sounds creepy. I used to think it was just imaginary, but I’ve heard it talk. Nobody is gonna believe me but its worth a shot.

October 13, 2014:

Well it’s Friday, the 13th and my mom is dropping me off at a party for one of my friends at school. It’s her birthday. In an hour I’m gonna have an awesome time! And I won’t have to worry about Mili or anything! I’ll just dance my worries away. I just heard someone scream, I’ll be back.

October 14, 2014:

Hey. My mom and dad, are dead. I don’t know where I am right now, but I just want to say goodbye. I’m leaving for now, maybe forever. So I’m leaving this journal right here. And whoever finds it, and if I’m still alive, take this to the police and just say, “This girl needs help. Her name is Macie Gardener. The last time she wrote in this she was 12 years old. Please find her.” Mili is close. I  can hear her footsteps. But no matter what, she’s my sister and I love her with all my heart. I love you, Mili. You don’t have to do th~~_

  • Puddin Tane

    Just needs a bit of editing. I really like it. Maybe have a follow up?

  • Aly Greg

    creepy.. the mystery does it all..