My Husband Went Missing a Year Ago, He’s Laying Right Next to Me

My name is Lillian Williams and my husband’s name is Ned Williams, he is laying in my bed next to me but the thing is, he went missing a year ago. I should be happy, but I know for a fact that is not him. Please excuse any spelling errors, english is not my first language. Now I’m going to go into much detail, only the important parts.

I sat in the living room nursing our baby, then Ned came into the room and gave me and the baby a kiss on our cheeks before he left for work. Being a new mother, I got tired very quickly, so I put the baby in her crib and watched Ned go to his car to make sure he was safe. That’s when I saw it, a black shadow-like figure following him to his car. I just brushed it off as my imagination, I was tired after all, and I went to bed.

I was awoken by the sound of the front door being knocked on. I quickly made my way to the door and flung it open, no one was there only an envelope with my name on the front. I looked at it and realized, it was in Ned’s writing. I peeled the top of the envelope away and pulled out the white piece of paper.

The note just read “ALL MINE” over and over again. To be honest I was creeped out but thought it was just a prank and went to go play with Zoey. I forgot all about the letter and a was feeding Zoey, until I saw the time, 9:30 PM. ‘Funny, Ned should be home by now.’

Hours passed and Ned didn’t come home. I waited for the next day to call the police. When they arrived they asked a bunch of unnecessary questions and began their search. As Ned’s wife, I was scared, I tried to find enough evidence as I could, like the letter, but it was nowhere to be found.

The next month or so, Zoe never stopped crying at the wrong times. When I would sleep, Zoe would begin to cry. It got so out of control, I eventually stopped sleeping all together. I feel like a terrible mother because I now blame her for everything, my depression, my husband being gone, even my suicidal thoughts, but it wasn’t.

My pain was all my fault, and there was nothing stopping me from walking over to my balcony and jumping off my second story. My husband was all I had, all I loved, even with my happy, bouncing daughter. I always could just go to the safe I kept and pull out the gun, raise it to my head and blast my bloody brains out. I rarely ate, I was miserable, but I wanted to find my husband, or at least, his corpse.

The police called about five months after his disappearance to tell me, they found his body. I was devastated but I realized I had to stay alive for Zoe. I got a job as a waitress, not the best job but it was better than no job at all. My daughter was now my everything.

Her first steps made me so happy and her first words only made being a mother all too amazing. She made me feel so happy and alive. I sat everyday just watching her play with her toys. Until yesterday.

I was sitting with Zoe when a heard my door open and close. I picked Zoe up and went to hide behind a wall in an act of panic. The voice startled me but I remembered the voice, it was Ned’s. “Lilly, where are you my love?”

I was not mistaken, it was indeed Ned. We immediately dashed into his arms, still holding my daughter, our daughter. The night was great, we simply ate and went to bed but it felt like the best thing to ever happen to me. But he did act a little strange.

When we went to bed, he went to tuck Zoe in but was in there for a while so I went to check on them. He was standing over her crib, just staring at her. When he finally came to bed he layed with his back facing me, never going to sleep. I don’t whats going on here and I don’t know who this is but it is not my husband, if anyone reading this has a similar story please tell me, because I think he wants to hurt Zoe, and I’ll be ready to kill him if I have too.

  • Bonnie Manz

    Other than the grammar and punctuation errors it was a good story.

  • Jesus Regis

    There has to be a part 2

    • Lily

      Yes there has to be

    • Maxire

      I am currently working on a part 2 so please stay tuned

  • Whitney Paige Moulton

    PT 2 please!

    • Maxire

      I am currently working on a part 2 so please stay tuned