Stop Singing, Please (Part 2)

I woke up in the middle of my sleep. Just to put it out, throughout the past 4 nights, I have never woken up during my sleep and like I said, sleep was deep because everyone was so drained out. Back to me waking up, I looked for my phone, which I hid in my sleeping bag, and checked it. 2am. I was laying on my left and thought, maybe sleeping on my right would make me sleep much better. So I turned to lay on my right, and saw a silhouette of a friend in her short ponytail, sitting up on her bed. It was really dark, so all I could see was her silhouette. I was close to that particular friend. So I whispered over “Why aren’t you sleeping yet, it’s 2am already”. She didn’t reply. Thinking she probably didn’t want to wake others up by replying, I decided to go back to sleep.

Suddenly, I got woken up in my sleep again. This time round I heard singing. Same thing, I checked my phone to know the time. 4AM. SOMEONE WAS SINGING REALLY LOUDLY AT 4AM. Like I mentioned in the earlier part of the story, I am a very deep sleeper. And only very loud noises can wake me up. The singing was really loud to me, which was why I woke up. This time round I sat up because I was frustrated, and turned to look to my left. I saw a silhouette standing roughly about 4 beds away from where I was. I kind of inferred that she, whoever was standing, was the one singing. Also, like I mentioned, we were all very bonded and comfortable with each other. So hell knows where I grew my guts from but tried to speak to her with just one sentence “Could you please shut up? It’s 4 freaking am, sing at 9am please.” I tried to go back to sleep but the singing just wouldn’t stop. And so I had to use my fingers to stick them into my ears, zipped my entire body into the sleeping bag just to isolate more sound.

The next thing I know was waking up again. And this time, it was morning (THE RIGHT TIME TO REALLY WAKE UP). This time, I clearly did not look well-rested. I sat up from my bed and looked to my friend who was sleeping on my right.

“You couldn’t sleep last night?” I asked, being a little concerned why she was still awake at 2am.

She looked pretty confused, “What do you mean? I went to sleep with you at 12am”.

Now, I don’t know why this only came to my realisation now but, yes I did go to sleep with her at 12. And this friend of mine had extremely long hair. So long that, when she has her hair up in a ponytail, the ends touched her waist. I sat there for a few moments trying to calm all my thoughts before telling her what I was referring to, and clearly she did look slightly afraid too because she told me that she did not wake up at all throughout her sleep. Since it was the last day and we were all ready to head home, I decided to just let it go. So I got off my bed took my toiletries and went to the middle empty area to wait for my friends to head to the toilet to wash up together. There were already a group of guys who were talking there and so I jumped in to join their conversation. The first thing they asked me was “Hey Shar, did you hear any singing last night?”

Good lord, I swear I wished I had said no and pretend I knew nothing. But I just went, “Yeah I heard it. Who the hell sings at 4am my gosh.”

The group of guys stared at me. Their frowns showed so much frustration. I was still pretty calm even though I just found out earlier that the silhouette sitting beside me at 2am wasn’t my friend at all.

“Most of the guys heard it. At first we thought it was one of you girls still having fun in the middle of the night so we didn’t say much.” One of the guys whispered to me. The rest nodded. We continued sharing what we heard, and the more we did so, the more we got scared. We realised that the guys and I and a few of the other girls heard what sounded like a Malay lady singing a folk song. I told them about the silhouette I saw at 4am which I assumed was the one singing. Just to investigate more, I went to the girls who were sleeping at where I saw the silhouette at, asking whether it was one of them. None of them said they heard anything nor did they wake up, let alone stand up from their beds. This information did bother us a lot because, the singing was so loud it could be heard from the guys’ bunk, yet the girls sleeping around the area where I saw the standing silhouette at heard nothing at all.

Up till now, none of us managed to figure how this happened. And I don’t think anyone of us will want to know either. Thankfully it was the last morning we had there. We left and never will we want to go back again.

  • dark shadow

    Nice story

  • バートンジェイコブ

    Nice bro

  • Cookie Monster

    Wasnt rely scary but if it was me who that happened to i would have don’t the dame as you

    • Cookie Monster

      *the same

  • Song Mix

    Its so amazing!Even if I dont get scared easily I would get insane if I survived this.This is really good!