Multiplayer Millionaire

After years of studying, I felt ready to test my knowledge on a quiz show in hopes to win big. I interviewed for multiple shows and performed very well in the preliminary quizzes, but I never heard back from anyone. I was starting to lose faith, until I received a phone call from a man working for a Game Show called ‘Multiplayer Millionaire’. I had never heard of Multiplayer Millionaire but decided to schedule an audition with the man to see what it’s like.

I drove to the address that the man gave me and opened the door. As soon as I stepped in the building, I felt a zap. The zap only lasted a second, but I started to feel different immediately. Everything started to go dark, and as soon as I turned around I saw an odd man right in front of me. The voice sounded familiar, it was the man from the phone call. The man was older, had beady eyes, and a very wide smile. He started asking me questions about myself and spouted out the rules to Multiplayer Millionaire. The strangest thing about this whole encounter was that I felt like I was being controlled. All I wanted to do was scream but instead all I could do was answer his questions and learn about his Game Show. It felt like someone was on a device clicking b*****s to make me say whatever they wanted to. I was given a fake name and the next thing I knew I was in a changing room. They dressed me up in a bunch of strange clothes and by the time they were done dressing me I felt completely different, I had no control over anything.

I was sent to a hallway with multiple doors, with one really big door in the center labeled “Multiplayer Millionaire”. Off to the side there was a room titled “Trophy Room”, a few seconds later I found myself walking towards into this room. The trophy room was very large, but completely empty. The same old man from before was sitting in the corner of this room, as soon as I faced him, he began talking. He mentioned the trophies during his introduction earlier, but this time he REALLY emphasized the need for trophies. Was that why I was sent here? To earn trophies and money for this old man?

Once again I found myself walking back to the main hallway. I then started walking towards the big door labeled “Multiplayer Millionaire”. I opened the giant door and entered the room. The room was very dark, all I could see were some chairs and screens. I sat in a chair and then heard some people sitting down near me shortly after. I tried to have a look at the people nearby, but it was too dark to see anything, I just sat there in darkness. Eventually, I hear applause as the spotlight shines down right at me and my fake name is called. Seconds later another spotlight shines down on the person next to me. I looked over at the person next to me to try and ask for help. The person next to me also had a very wide smile and beady eyes, is he trapped here as well? The spotlights proceed to shine on two more contestants, it appears that I am matched up against 3 other people. I am still not able to speak, but I look over at the person next to me and he is shaking. It looks like he’s trying to tell me something but it’s impossible to know for sure with his giant smile and soulless look in his eyes.

The game begins, and a question is announced on the intercom. I’m too scared to do anything, but I notice my hand move over to select an answer. A few seconds later, a giant ding is heard and a drum beat starts playing. We all start dancing uncontrollably to this drum beat. I can hear faint crying from the person next to me while we are dancing like madmen. Questions and questions go by and this process repeats OVER and OVER. Eventually, the person next to me misses a question and the light pointed at him turns red. His body completely freezes but now I can hear really muffled screams and crying sounds coming from him. I need to win this game, but even if I do… what’s next? Help me.