Mr. Smaylik

He’s catching up to me. Emily and Josh, if you read this, daddy loves yo- CHRIST HE’S AT MY DOOR. Anyone who reads this, take this to my children, they live at *the rest of the page is splattered in blood*


Well I found the guy who wrote this note. His name was James Ramirez, luckily his kids lived three houses over from me. When I gave them the note they burst out in tears, it felt good doing something like that. Little bit about me, my name is Vladimir, I live in Russia, and I’m a journalist. Pretty fun being a journalist, you get to interview all the acters and models. One time I even got to interview Kristina Pemenova.

Well I gave them the note and got outta there, I didn’t feed my cat yet so I went over to my place too feed her. But the strange thing is, on the wall of my house there was a smiley face spray painted on it. I brushed it off, not thinking much of it. “Gangs thinking they own this place” I said to myself. I fed my cat then went in to get cleaning supplies. I got a bucket of soap water and a cleaning rag, but when I came out, the graffiti was gone.

I thought it was nothing at first, just a trick of the light since it was painted in black. I went back into my house and put the cleaning items up.I went into my living room and looked at the news. There was a report about a man who was murdered, but the creepy thing is there was a smiley face carved into his abdomen.

At this point I almost ran out the house. Instead, after a couple of man diapers, I decided to research it, turns out this guy is known as a serial killer who carves his mark into his victims with a knife. After reading this and having a mental breakdown, I go for my routine jog around my neighborhood.

While in the middle of the jog a voice spoke from the woods next to my neighborhood. “you have the mark” it said, the voice sounded like scraping a fork on a plate. I bolted out of my jog and ran to my house, I swear I could hear footsteps behind me. At the door, I scrambled to get my keys from my pocket. I dropped them in the rush and knew I was done for, I turned around to face my killer.

But he wasn’t there, there was nothing. I laughed to myself thinking I’m and idiot. “I’m retarded for thinking that a killer was stalking me” I picked up my keys and unlocked the door still chuckling. I screamed with horror as I watched the gruesome sight in front of me…

Smiley faces were painted on the walls with blood, my cat was tied to the ceiling, blood running from its lifeless body. A dark figure stood in the middle of the kitchen, holding a knife.

  • ∆_R.H_∆

    Seriously, the best cliffhanger EVER! I need to know what happens next.