Mr. No Face

It was around two o’clock in the morning when I heard a knock on my door. I slowly got out of bed, slid my slippers on, and walked downstairs. I opened the door to find two police officers standing there.

“Hello, sorry to wake you. I’m Lt. Sykes. This is my partner Sgt. Thomas. Have you seen this child?”

They show me a picture of a young girl with long brown hair and brown eyes.

“No officers I haven’t. I will call the department if I see her,” I replied with a tired voice. They nodded their heads in appreciation and went away. As I fell back asleep there was a noise outside of my window. It sounded like shuffling in the leaves. I hopped out of bed and went to my window. I pull the down the blinds slightly and I notice something… strange.

It was a tall figure dressed in a suit. The strangest part of it all, it was staring at me through my second floor window. I released the blinds and pulled them down again. When I did that, he disappeared. What the hell did I just look at?

The next morning I made myself a cup of coffee and got on the computer. I was so fascinated by what I witnessed last night that I decided to do some research. What I saw sent chills down my spine. The headlines. The stories. However, there was one that drew my attention more than the others. It was Mr. No Face.

A eyewitness account of what was seen matched what I saw. A tall, lanky figure dressed in a suit with no face.

“Holy s**t,” I whispered to myself. The picture I was facing, was what I saw last night. I called my friend Emily and told her about the the story and my experience. She saw it too. I decided to do more research.

It was one thirty in the morning and I was still stuck to my computer screen. One document I opened was something gut wrenching. It was labeled, “When you see him, it’s too late.” Again, the same description popped up. Tall figure, wearing a suit, and no face. Lighting lit up my living room from the outside. When it did, I saw something in my computer screen… wait, no. It can’t be.

He was in my living room. He was watching my every move. Mr. No Face was here in my house. The computer screen went to static. Everything got cold and the house appeared to become darker. I closed my eyes and awoke in a cold sweat. I was breathing heavily and I looked at my clock. It was 10 A.M.

I get up, go down stairs, and I pour a cup of coffee. I go outside to sit on the porch and take in the cool morning breeze. As I was sipping my coffee I started to look towards a playground. My heart skipped a few beats and my stomach dropped. Mr. No Face was in the woodline staring at me. I close my eyes briefly and when I opened them, he was in my yard. I stood up and walked towards him. He took my hand and we walked away.

Don’t worry, everything is okay. Mr. No Face isn’t hurting me anymore. He’s keeping me safe.

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