Morning Walk

”It’s a wonderful day for walks in town, don’t you think Hun?” asked Samantha. Her husband stayed noiseless. “We’re going out for a walk once we finish our breakfast okay?” she proceeded. Joshua remained quiet. After she finished eating, she set him down on his wheelchair and went out.

Joshua was in his sixties, pale, skinny, it’s been a while since he last ate. He and Samantha have been married for five years now and the neighborhood thinks that they’re very adorable.
Dragging the wheelchair outside, Samantha started thinking about the right place to visit. “Should it be Leila? Kate? Oh I hate this woman! Nah… I won’t put her to… Maybe I’ll leave her until I’m ready” pondered Samantha, “Oh, the graveyard! Let’s visit our much loved ones.”

The couple went in then Samantha found her relatives’ tombs. She first kneeled in front of her mother’s. Sorely she said, “Oh mom, how does it feel like lying down there? Is it warm… or… cold? Do you feel lonely? Is it even comfy? Do you miss your life? Do you even miss me?” she paused for a bit, and then she carried on, “To be honest, I don’t regret your absence, I was brave enough to do it, I do not regret murdering you… and my brother. My father was always right about you all. You deserve to get locked down there. The only thing I’m saddened about is when the cops intervened; I could have added your corpses to my doll collection. I could have been taking care of you, as if you’re still alive, but they took you from me, these f*****s. See, it all had to do about your harmful ugly words, I had to button your lips.” She then turned to face her husband and pursued, ”Josh, I’m grateful you’re still here. See, they weren’t able to take you from me. But it gets boring, you know… since you’re dead as well…”