Monsters Cry

He stood there outside of those woods wondering if the choices he made beforehand were correct or not. His girlfriend of many years did not have any plans that he knew of for the night before receiving a message from a stranger anyways. Why would he listen to a message from a creepy stranger, though? He had to find her either way. The love he had for her was greater than anything else he will ever experience.

He made up his mind after a vision of the two of them dancing at their high school Halloween dance started. The night after the dance was the first time they made love. It wasn’t their best time but the first time is always so powerful. They became one on that glorious night. They tried to stay around each other since then too, but there were often things that came up.

He went on the main path with his flashlight on high. He knew better than to go off the path at night. There has been a long streak of missing people for years around these woods. He would had never went near the woods if it wasn’t for the suspicious message. It wasn’t long after that he met what he thought had taken his one love.

It was a creature like nothing he has seen in all those horror movies today. It didn’t exactly look like anything, but it had to be a were of some type. There was an attraction to it that many others had to feel too. It didn’t even attack him or even seem threatening to him. It was almost like this night was planned for a long time. He should have felt odd at least, but there was something there that didn’t let him.

The thing didn’t speak for it was in shock too. As they calmed he began to notice that a lot of its features were similar to hers. It had her beautiful eyes that even the stars could not hold up to in beauty. It even had the scar that they bonded over for they both got into the silly accident over not paying attention to anything but each other. It was soon after he began to cry.

She was the monster. She killed all of those people. She was a monster. How could she have not learned to control this seemingly curse that turned her on occasional nights? No one must know the truth, though, and both he and her knew this. Tears started falling down her face like they have never before. Not even with their first true fight was in comparison to this.

They went to a beautiful and soft patch of flowers and sat down knowing what they must do. The patch even had vines of black belladonna flowers, favorites of both of theirs. Neither of them would ever leave each other, no matter what could happen to them. They would rather die a horrible death then to ever leave each other. While tears fell down somehow harder than before, she…

  • Phoenix

    You must make a sequel!!!!