Midnight Nightmare

Hello, my name is Sarah Palin. From what I’ve seen in my past. Can’t be forgotten. I live in a small town. Which perhaps caused this incident of mine. But one thing is, I will never forget the sentence she said to me.


February 5, 11:30 am. Airbrush high.

Another day at school. Today was such nonsense. As a A+ student or what other people might call me, a nerd. I would never believe in rumors that would try to scare other people. At my school, every year. People share this rumor where an unknown person comes to a random person and kills them at Midnight. It’s a stupid rumor. I mean literally, someone comes to a random person and kill them at Midnight?! That’s just plain dumb to be afraid of. After school, as usual I head home. I have no friends. I’m not lonely, I’m just a busy bee that studies way to hard and who never talks to anyone and has no other bee friends. That’s just me.

The next day is just Sarah talking about studying and ranting about the stupid rumors.


February 7, 2:00 P.M. Sarah’s House

Today was just horrible, just horrible. The whole rumor thing went to far. Two boys were going to play a prank on the school of the Unknown person. But plans change. One of the boys was playing as the unknown person. The other was scaring and warning other people about ‘unknown’ being inside our school. Teachers were in a meeting.

The boy who was playing as ‘Unknown’ had an actual knife with them. The boy was running around our school yelling out random words. Most of the girls were actually falling for this prank. As the boy headed toward me to scare me. He fell down. Nothing was there to trip him. He was running fine. But the reason is, he fell right where I was standing.

He didn’t get up. I pulled out my hand to see if he needed help. No response. I heard weird noises coming from him.The other boy noticed him. He laughed and said “nice job goofball”. As he lifted him up, was a horror to see. The knife he was holding, stabbed him. As soon as the boy saw the knife inside his dead friend. Police came. Teachers complained. Parents mourned. I can’t stop thinking of his bloody face.


February 7, 11:43 P.M. Sarah’s House

Past my bedtime. But it will all be worth it getting a A+ to pass my class. I deserved a break, so I headed downstairs. My parents, well they headed for an intervention. Heading downstairs was my biggest regret. I headed toward the kitchen. I saw a black figure looking into the kitchen drawers where the knives were.

I hear a faint cry of a baby.

“You know, I never meant to kill that boy, it was meant for you.”

I tried to run away from this person. I couldn’t! But I was not going to let myself die like this! I ran towards the door. I was never the type to run very fast. I ran to my neighbors. I knocked til my hands grew tired. But I didn’t care if my hands were tired. My life was on the line!

But, this is the end of story. A sharp blade was through my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I fell on the ground. The last sentence I heard before my expiration.

“It was always meant for you.”

Author’s Note: This was based on a true story. Unknown (Midnight) was based on an actual killer. I just decided to change-up the story. And yes this story s***s as hell. So don’t bother to say it does. It will just waste your time.

  • Logan

    Where can I find the original story? Like a news report or something.

  • Zach Johnson

    Are you a Democrat? If so, it would make sense as to why you killed Sarah Palin.😁😁