It was 7:18 A.M. when her alarm went off. She turned on her side and flung her hand over to turn it off but regretted her decision. Once her hand reached the clock, she burst our in tears. She just remembered how drunk she was the night before, bringing all these crazy ideas into her head. She had duct taped a knife to her alarm clock for no apparent reason. She got up and looked at the wound, walked to her bathroom and cleaned it out. She wrapped gauze around it and bandaged it up.

The next day she was walking to her friend’s house when she heard something behind her. She walked after until she reached her friend’s house, which the door was open. She walked in and looked around until her friend poked his head around the corner. She fell over but caught herself before she fell down the stairs behind her.

She ended up spending the night at her friend’s house. She woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs, and a missing friend. There was a note on the counter from him stating, ‘Out to get milk and butter, be back in 10’. She sighed and walked down the hall. Before she reached the living room, something hit her hard on the head. She looked up to see a ladder that lead to the attic. She thought she’d better check it out so she started up the ladder.

Once she reached the top, the ladder door closed behind her. She found her way to a light and flicked it on. She strained her eyes looking around the dusty room, but found something out of the ordinary, something that wasn’t supposed to be there. It was her childhood doll that she had lost in a fire years ago. The doll was sitting on a chair and next to it was a picture that was glossy around the edges as if it had just been taken. About 10 feet away from the door was a Polaroid camera. She walked over to the doll as it slid its beady eyes open like it was alive. It stuck out a hand and she reached out for it feeling a connection with it, but soon pulled away. The doll’s hand was warm, and soft, like human skin and like blood was running through its inhuman body. But was it really inhuman? No one ever saw the girl in the attic again.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That was so, unbelievably, rushed. No offense, but it’s as if I just read a pamphlet. You need to work on creating an actual story, and giving it literary depth. Nothing about it made sense.

  • HEX

    Ohh.. Boy…
    I really don’t know what to say.. I mean I have no words. I wish I could unread what I just read. If life were like Total Recall I could have the memory of this horrible incident replaced by a new one. Unfortunately that is not the case here. Go on past this one it’s not worth the mental anguish you’ll suffer reading it.