Melissa Jackson

It’s been a while since the incident, 9 months to be precise. Even though it’s been 9 months the memory of it still haunts me the flashbacks and dreams of that terrible face…


[9 months ago]

[Conversation: Wifes Katelyn and Melissa Jackson]

“It’s been a while since we’ve been on holiday Melissa, come on let’s go somewhere with the kids. How about we go to America and see your family?”

“Katelyn baby how many times do I have to tell you me and my dad aren’t on good terms right now?”

“Melissa it’s been 2 years I’m sure they want to see you… He is your parents after all.”

“Fine we can go but only for a week. I don’t think I can stand more than that. I’m off next week so we  can go then. Let me call and tell them.”


[Conversation: Mother and daughter Melissa and Kate]


“Hey Mom it’s me Melissa.”

“Long time no talk how have you and Katelyn been?”

“We’re doing good we were actually talking about coming down to Wisconsin to see you guys next week if that’s ok with you.”

“Yes honey me and your father would be happy to see you guys and the kid. We did move though we live right outside of Nicolet National Forest.”

“Isn’t that where that weird Urban legend ‘The Slenderman’ is said to live?”

“Oh honey don’t be worried about that there is no such thing we moved here last year and nothing bad had happened.”

“Okay see you next week.”

“See you next week sweetie.”


[One week later]

[Conversation: Melissa, Katelyn, Kate, and Melissa’s father Joe]

“Well hey guys Joe and I are happy to have you here.”

“Well Melissa and I are glad to be here. You guys have such a nice view.”

“Thank you come on in and we’ll get you guys settled. Let me see the precious baby first.”

“Here he it’s.”

“Oh how precious! Hey Tommy it’s granny.”

“Come in already.”

“I see you haven’t changed dad.”

“Oh we don’t have plumbing so you’ll have to use the outhouse.”


2:45 am

[Conversation: Melissa’s Thoughts In the outhouse/outside]

“This place is creepy I saw some weird mansion on the drive up here it was pretty far out into the woods though.”

*Finds a piece of paper that has what looks like a children’s drawing with a tall man on it*

“That’s weird I bet someone is playing some dumb a*s trick on me”

*Melissa starts to feel dizzy and losses consciousness. She wakes up at an unknown time in the middle of the woods.*


Unknown time at unknown location in the woods

[Conversation: Melissa and voice in the woods]

*Melissa started to run frantically in a random direction. She feels something drip onto her shoulder from a tree. She looks up and sees Katelyn gutted and mutilated hanging from her intestines.*


Do you want the same thing to happen to Tommy? You may be able to prevent it. Who knows? Oh I do.”

What did you do to her! And where is Tommy?”

Now now let’s not get hastey. Let’s make a deal. I let Tommy live if when he turns 14 he gets to kill for me no older no younger.”

“I’ll do anything please!!!”

Very well you know the deal move to Hawkins county I’ll take him on his fourteenth birthday.

Author’s Note: Hello guys I know it’s been a while since I posted the Tommy story I have been working on this for about a week it’s about his mother and why Slenderman chose him. Also big thanks to creepy_gurl122 for her putting Tommy into her universe type thing go check out her stories there “Cracky Casey and Ticci Toby” I think they are great and I look forward to making stories with her the Tommy story’s will more likely be with her. I tried a different type of layout so it may be easier to read. Okay good bye for now -Tommy Jackson

  • Melissa Jackson

    So, you’re going to tell me about my history, eh?

    • Tommy Jackson

      I am so sorry… I just thought of a name I will delete it if you want me to I put alot of effort into it even though it is short

      • Melissa Jackson

        Lol. I’m not offended, I just thought it was funny.

        • Tommy Jackson

          Ok lol

  • Puddin Tane

    Haven’t even made it a quarter way through and already I can tell that you rushed it. Your punctuation is sorely lacking. As for any other mistakes, I don’t know. I’m not sure I even want to bother. I HATE editing while reading. It’s such a hassle! S!L!O!W! D!O!W!N!!!! Read it as you go along. Believe me, if it doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to your reader! This includes punctuation. I can’t stress that enough!

  • DemonicPhoenix

    So how did you choose Wisconsin as the place her parents used to live?