Mark on My Hand

No need to know my name but call me Enna!

I didn’t love my life at all! I always used to feel upset or depressed. I am a teenager having a bad life. Well… nevermind.


I was feeling strange that day. I felt really strange. Well that day passed, I slept and saw this strange dream where I saw a really tall man with complete white face. It had no nose, eyes or a mouth. There were 3 or 4 people standing behind him which I didn’t saw cause it was dark. When the white face person came close to me! I felt dizziness and felt like something is cutting my hand with a knife. I couldn’t see anything after that in my dream.

I woke up! I still felt the pain. When I saw my hand, I was bleeding… but I had a mark on my hand. It was something like… Ummmmmm… a circle and a cross or X above it. I cleaned my hand and the blood. And I ignored it by thinking all that just a nightmare but guess I was wrong.

Well the day passed and I went to my room to sleep when I noticed the same faceless tall man standing outside my room window. I started panicking but tried not to scream but then my eyesight blurred and I heard a strange whistle type sound. I was feeling dizzy after that I don’t remember anything!

I woke up but the mark wasn’t gone. It was still on my hand. I don’t know who that white faceless tall man was. The another night, I woke up and saw the white face thing again but closer than before. I felt dizziness and blurry eyesight. I woke up and felt ill! I see that thing mostly at night! I didn’t tell my mom cause she doesn’t even care about it. She wasn’t any good!

In the evening, I was reading a book. When my mum came in yelling at me for something I didn’t know! She started saying that you are no good and stuff like that but she was my mum and I couldn’t say anything. I slept wondering that no one likes me or I am not good enough.

In the midnight I woke up and saw the same white faceless man. I heard voices in my head whispering something. And after that I don’t remember anything and I woke up but I know I wasn’t dreaming. I felt the same voices in my head whispering.

I couldn’t control myself. I fell down on the floor and saw the mark on my hand bleeding again and I fainted! When I woke up I was in the woods wearing a black hoodie. When I looked around, I saw the same white faceless tall man and there were the same 3 or 4 people standing behind him. I felt that someone whispering:


  • Tate’yana Knight

    This story is just horrible.

  • Thekillingred

    Aren’t you the night demon?

  • Creepy tru

    I dont want to be rude …but you need to work on your writing .half of this was hard to understand

  • Puddin Tane

    Again, too painful to read. Learn English before you write it.