I was still trapped in the void in which Mappy had sent me to. I was lying on the ground without hope as I stared into the darkness surrounding me. I couldn’t move, not like I was being possessed, but as if somebody was pinning me down on the ground with great force. I tried really hard to move, but my bones just wouldn’t cooperate with me. After about an hour I could move again, I gathered up all of my courage and explored for a bit. After looking around, I found a computer with a NES system and an NES game that read: Mappy.Land.EXE. Because I didn’t want to play the game, I just walked away. But something pushed me back in the chair and just said, “Play.” I really was nervous about playing the game. But if I, by any chance, wanted to leave the void, I would have to play.

I loaded up the game and turned on the NES and pressed the start button, Mappy looked the same way, realistic, terrifying. The level loaded up, the level looked like a broken train with blood on it. The tracks had a lot of roadkill on it, I was about to throw up at the sight of the level. Mappy finally spawned and the game began. “I need to find organs for my wife, she just LOVES to eat them! And I know how to get ’em!” said Mappy. I was shocked by what Mappy found humourous. I just moved around using Mappy, but every time I pressed the action button, Mappy violently ripped open a cat and pulled out its organs. After killing all the cats, Mappy said, “Boy, wish there was a janitor ’round here, oh wait, he’s dead!” Mappy then laughed maniacally and the screen went black.

The game popped up again. Mappy looked at me. I was both disgusted and terrified at the same time. The scene showed Mappy dissecting his wife and remaking her, she looked terrifying. After that scene of the demonic couple, I wanted to throw up so bad. Mapico just let out a sigh, and the screen went black again. I was confused because there were no cutscenes in the original Mappy Land. They went to a graveyard and dug up all the coffins. “Man, I SUURE AM hungry right now!” said Mappy. There was an eerie smile on his face, he slowly opened one of the caskets and said, “Let’s dig in!” in a distorted and demonic tone. Then a cutscene occured again of the two eating animal remains for 10 minutes.

The screen went black once more and said, “You think all the misery I go through is funny, don’t you?” said the game. “I would never think such a thing,” I said. I then learned I could communicate with the game when it responded, “Of course you do, deep down inside.” I was starting to hallucinate and every minute it got worse. “Play the whole game and I might spare you,” the game said in text. I said, “No.. it can’t be…” I saw strange red eyes watching me play the cursed game. The screen on the game popped back up again, only the background was a reddish color and all the sprites looked very distorted.
“I’ll kill Goro for the crimes he has committed!” said Mappy in a furious tone. Mapico let out a grunt and nodded her head. Then it finally showed up on screen, Goro’s Base.

  • MakaSMess

    I liked this story more than the first one, keep it up! Seems like there will be more so I hope to see it soon!

  • Smoochiboochi92

    Alright dude. This one is loads better then the first one but still unbearable to read at times. Grammer was a tad off and it felt rush at parts almost like you tried adding alot in at small increments. Keep going itll get better.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    I must have missed a part one… But still, it was okay. I’ve read worse. I’d like if it was longer, or the grammar was better, but I liked it. And to be honest, my s****m kicked in about halfway through… And now I wanna play that game. But I have a Pandora complex so-