Lust for the Darkness

Author’s Note: My first story.

My name is Jim.
It was 2 AM and again it was my time of deep thinking.
Still alone, failure and going anywhere in life despite all of my efforts and works…
I was a smart boy, deep thinker and I was in love with asking questions. But why am I still a failure in life ? No girlfriend, no job and unlovable. But due to my depression and anxiety, I have tried my best and at least putting an effort to change the things. Like changing my lifestyle like doing sports, philosophy, art and psychology. I even changed my hairstyle too or my personality.

“But yeah life always finds a way to make things more bitter.”

“Things were about to get weird.”

Me and my parents argued again.
They said that I will never gonna be successful in life, never gonna get married or never gonna get a job.
They said that I am nothing but a failure.
So yeah this was enough!
I need some fresh air!
I am more than this!

As I went outside, I saw happy people, like they are happy with their life; lovers, happy families and successful people.
Yeah something I will never gonna be.
I shouldn’t have dropped the college but due to the my mental illnesses, I had to…
And I am still looking for a job.
Good thing is that I have found one at least after the three months.
It wasn’t a big deal but hey better than nothing.

So first thing I have done was renting an apartment for a few days and. It wasn’t need to be big but at least I could be alone and there wouldn’t be anyone who will stole my own inner peace. Yeah and found one.

I was alone and that was good but I was still feeling bitter about why I can’t find my love?

“Why I am so unlovable?”

“Jesus Christ! I can’t escape my thoughts, it is like a plague!”

“I am losing myself again and thinking what I am living for.”

“Will it really worth to live like this?”

“No one ever said I worth, I never heard someone said I love you.”

“Let’s forget it time to get some sleep…”

Then out of nowhere…
Creepy voices and whisperings in my head, I am sure I was sleeping but it was getting really intense that I felt like my head gonna lying like a corpse, this is what I remember and I was dreaming or it was real?

In my dream I was in my hometown, walking in the park alone in the middle of the night. It was raining and for some reason I felt happy and quite relaxed. I was walking and walking and keep walking, it was beautiful that rain and thunderstorm.
It was a quite romantic ambience for me for some reason I have found it quite charming besides the eeriness.
But is there anyone? Am I all alone in here?
Why all city is like if it wrapped in a deep silence?
Is anyone here?

It wasn’t working.
There wasn’t anyone else besides me.
I was all alone in the middle of the city.
I saw a shadowy figure with the devil horns, it was looking like a woman, I creeped out first but maybe she knew something I don’t know so I decided to follow her. Normally I wouldn’t do something like this but I felt like I had to and there were nothing to lose anyway. So I followed her, I followed her to the an apartment.
Weird thing was, it was the apartment I have rented.
I didn’t feel good about this and things were about to get more weird.
So I have entered the my apartment.

“Oh my Godddd!”

“I don’t talk about how this door broke but what is that all candles, that pentagrams and my dead body?”

“Oh my Gosh!”

“Something literally shredded my body and break it into pieces and blood everywhere.”

“I thought I was dreaming first but I wasn’t, that’s explains why no matter I try I can’t wake up and it feels so real.”

“So that’s how death feels like?”

“But what killed me?”

There were some documents on the shelf, I don’t know, if it really was mine?
But I clearly see that was my handwriting. It was about 4D dimensions, portal to the other dimensions and summoning spell.
I know it doesn’t make sense but wait worse it yet to come.

I know I am interested in this stuff but…

And a little note with a black rose:

“Charming Restaurant”

Ivy Morningstar.

Yeah and I went this restaurant too.
It wasn’t far away, it was in the Boston area. I didn’t care whether if something weird thing gonna happen
I wanted to learn what really happened to me?
Maybe if this was real person he or she could help me but it wasn’t.

When I firstly entered the restaurant.
Dang I knew it!
When I was eating in here, I googled some witchcraft forums and in a post it was called:
“How to summon a Succubus?”
And I have tried it for real, how stupid I was and it’s too late now because this thing killed me and my soul stucked in its realm.
Now I clearly remember what really happened. It was just like I really wanted to die, I tried to commit suicide but in a worst way. I have tried to summon a real demon, and thought it was only going have s*x with me. First I was lying all naked, thinking the pleasure I will get.
A minute later I felt like earthquake happening and all lights died.
My bed was swinging and I was afraid, I was afraid never like this before. I heard a girl giggling and a creepy voice. I have tried to escape but I couldn’t wake up like having a sleep paralysis. she was there I could feel it, she was on my lap in a beautiful form and I had a pleasure. Her hair was black, her eyes were black like possessed and she got pale skin.
She was moaning with a woman voice than I came. But that wasn’t enough for it although I tried to stop her but she didn’t stop and demon turned into its real form, I couldn’t move again. Its real form was really creepy, that sharpened teeth, three red glowing eyes, horns and that spiked blade like claws on its body. I know I was gonna die, I got nothing to do.
I felt like I am burning because its body was hot. Then it started bite me, bite my g******s and shivered my body piece by piece. I don’t if I felt so much pain but that was all I remember.
Restaurant’s atmosphere was pretty dark and creepy and it was here I knew it, I could sense it, this thing wasn’t human that’s for sure and calls itself Ivy.

And there were four pieces of tarot cards: The Devil, Death, Lovers and Hermit.

The small restaurant smelled to Rose out of the blue, it was a beautiful smell that’s for sure but this thing killed me and I wanted to get out here, I was sick of playing this game!

It was coming towards to me, slowly, creepily…
It touched my face, my tissue and my hair. I didn’t know what it was thinking but somehow it changed for the better. It stroked my hair and then it closed my eyes with its hands.
It was like dancing with the devil in the moon light.

I was alive with the one piece.
So it was a dream?
And there was a sunny day in outside.
And when I checked the my right palm there was a white rose and it was smelling beautiful.
To me it was just like a weird dream.
Something I will never forget and I will stay away from any supernatural thing.
Ever and I am glad I am still living.

  • Brandy88

    Super confusing. Way too many typo’s and errors. Story line jumped ALL over the place.
    Please proof read, correct errors, fix the time line of where and when the character is in a particular area. I feel like this ucould have been an ok story if only you had proof read.. Sorry.

    • Rev

      I couldn’t agree more dude, i couldn’t even finish the story because of all the typos…