Lighthouse Nightmare

Everything was going well. My life was normal. I had nothing to worry about. Until that night. The most terrifying night of my life.

One Month Earlier…

Today is going good. I went on a lovely walk on the beach with my beautiful dog Lucy. The waves were calm, there was a slight breeze. It was a perfect day. Nightfall hits, and I enjoy a nice hot cup of green tea while looking at the stars.

As I’m sitting there I hear a strange noise. Then all of a sudden the light on the lighthouse goes out. I check to see what the problem was, and then I see him. His eyes were so empty, yet so full.

He flashes a sharp toothed smile. He was crawling up the side of the light house. His nails were at least two feel long and extremely razor sharp. It’s dark outside and it’s raining so it’s a little difficult to see exactly what he looks like, but then I see. His body is about as dark as the night sky. He crawls to the window and starts dragging his fingers against the glass. The sound was deafening. I remember feeling blood drip out of my ears. The window then breaks, and he stands in front of me.

He has to be about 8 or 9 feet tall. He puts his hand around my neck, picks up, and jumps out the window with me in his grasp. We hit the ground, and I hear a loud snap. I look down and see my legs are broken and my neck is bleeding. He must have scratched my neck when we landed. My neck is bleeding, but am I still alive? How could that be?

He is hovering over me. He says something, “One who gives, always receives.” What does that mean? He lowers his head. I feel a weird sensation. He is sucking the blood out of my neck. I think of one last thing, Lucy. I see her from the window barking. He sees her. He crawls up the side of the light house faster than I expected. He grabs her and tears her head off. A tear rolls down my face. Lucy, my sweet sweet Lucy. I lay there motionless as everything fades out.

I am dead… I think. Everything is so dark . How am I here if I am dead? None of this makes any sense. Why does this have to happen to me? I stand there for a minute wondering where I am. Then I realize, he took me here. But… that’s impossible. I look around and right behind me he stands.