Level 666

It’s been a long time since I played any games. I stopped because of this. One time when I was playing, a game that had a leaderboard and a multiplayer area.

It happened on 10/10/18 when I decided to go to my bookcase of games and picked out one called “The Everland Monster (Limited Edition)”. So I popped out the disk and quickly rushed to play the game. I turned on my Xbox 360 and loaded the game. That’s when I notice something in the corner when I was signing in. The picture was gone for the game but when I got onto my account and looked again, it was fine. I asked myself, “Did I see that, or was it fake? Am I dreaming?”

I entered the game and played 2 levels of it. When I went back to the shop from the second level in the game that had been unlocked when I completed level 1, the owner of the shop was missing but the text showed up. It read, “For now, it was him. Next will be…” it cut off and made me go to the 3rd level.

I played a little of it but the game… it was distorted… I tried to get out of the level but every time a text came up, “Don’t leave so soon Michael.”

I was stunned to see it had my name. “How do you know me?” I asked the screen. No response. I played a bit more and completed the level but it said this in a text box “の” it had said.

“What does that mean…?” I asked myself but got my attention taken to the screen instead of my mind. It made me go to the last level. Level 666. I tried getting off but it wouldn’t let me. I tried popping the disk out. Nothing happened. I said to the screen, “What do you want from..” I got cut off by a voice in the tv.

“Never deserve.”

“Never deserve what? Why can’t you tell me?” I kept my voice down trying not to wake anyone in the hotel I was in. The leaderboard popped up and show I was the rank of 666. All the ranks were 666. I tried to back out but it moved me to a multiplayer game, but nobody was moving. They faced me with black liquid coming from their mouth and eyes. I screamed, “What the hell!! Why are you doing this!?” One of the people who I lived next to knocked on the door. I answer and said, “Yea…” he cut me off saying, “Why are you screaming at 11:43 pm?” He almost yelled but went back to a quiet voice. “Sorry” I said and closed the door. I went back to the game but the game ejected when I got there.

That’s the last time I’m playing a game like that.