Late One Evening…

It was late, I was walking down the street on my way home from work, it was a Friday evening. People were out drinking and partying, I never saw myself as a party person. There was something different about this particular day which I remember clearly and the truth still haunts me, that day I decided to take a shortcut through the back alleys and hopefully avoid the crowds. I turned off into the alley and walked for a bit until I met another street, much quieter than the other, I thought nothing of it and walked down the street.

There was an eerie feeling and chills were running down my spine, I looked around for anyone in the streets, there was no one. The street was deserted and I was lost, I must’ve gotten so lost in my thoughts at that point in time. A child came running up to me and asked if I would play with her, of course I said no but the weird thing was this child was wearing bloodied clothing and behind them was a masked figure, leaning against the door. I asked the child who it was and they said, “It’s our killer of course.”

I was so confused at that point that I ran, ran as fast as I could, I’m not dead, I wasn’t killed that night but that child. I found my way back to the main street and ran home, I was greeted back at home by the same child who said, “You can’t run from fate, you’ve already started the devil’s game,” tbh then disappeared. I didn’t know if this was some sick trick or real, what was the “devil’s game”, I told my workmate this happened and they told me that the “devil’s game” can vary and as of today I still do not know how I started this game or how to end it and if the masked figure has taken anymore victims with him to hell.