Last Weekend

The other Night I went to a sleep over birthday party at my friend Lily’s house. Everyone was having fun and we were all just sitting in Lily’s room. And Lily go a text that read I’m here. The Unknown Number then called her by her dads last name. She tried to act confused like if someone was actually there if they would leave or something. But then he used her moms last name and all of us at the party started to get worried.

Minute later we heard a knocking on Lily’s window. So she wanted to go see if someone was actually out there. No one wanted to go with her so I agreed to. We quietly left her room went down the hall way and Lily peaked around the corner and saw nothing so she stepped out. I liked out the window and saw a dark figure pointed at it and said, “What’s that.” She looked at it and the man turned around and looked straight at us. We both ran down the hall way and I smacked into a wall which made the other girls start screaming. I’m surprised we slept that night but the next morning we woke up to a text on Lily’s phone that said, “Who were those two girls running from the window.”