Silent Note

There was a gentle breeze today. Your mother looked sad yet beautiful; her smile fighting back tears. She led your little sister, who ran around in her dress and carried the flowers. They made their way across a field, as you watched them, it felt familiar here; a place of significance. Colours were nice today, greens and blues; nature was putting on a show. They arrived at a large tree. Your mother knelt down and cried and your sister ran to her side.

It was only now, you felt an irreparable sadness. No matter how hard you try or wish you can never replace the burden of never ending pain you left with those who only ever loved you, who now you watched over, as they cry for you still and always will. There is no heaven after this, you soon learn, there is only eternity without them. It was only now; you wish you hadn’t killed yourself.

  • SlenderSJ

    Wow, beautiful and so sad. Well done!

  • Paul Kramer

    Interesting point of view. Please keep writing

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    It was good, I liked it. But I feel like you didn’t need to add the last sentence. Need for inference yields much more suspense.

  • Creeper

    This was good

  • Amanda

    Loved it.

  • Aly Greg

    Eternal sadness is scary enough to think about