L2 and R2

Tomorrow, ironically, was Thanksgiving. I was playing Minecraft. I built an underground mansion just for fun. I had two sheep, a house, and a pig. After I finished the mini farm I built a set of tunnels that led all through the house. I originally built them for when I spawned chickens but my lambs seemed to like it.

When I did spawn the chickens in I spawned them as chicks. I broke a few eggs against my wall and spawned in two healthy chicks. I named the oldest R2 and the younger one L2. I liked L2 right off the bat for no reason. He just stared at me for some reason. I thought it was cute how he just stared at me so curiously. I should have known he was… “special”.

I led them into a secret room I had hidden behind a painting which also had two tunnel openings. R2 ran through one of the tunnels Immediately. L2 just looked at me. It started to weird me out a little how interested the chick was with me. I walked to the tunnel entrance and jumped twice. The chick looked at me then ran down the tunnel. I was impressed how smart the chick was.

I left the house for a few minutes to get rid of some sheep eating at my lawn. When I came back in the chicks weren’t in my room or their nursery. So I went into the secret room and found them. R2 was climbing on the bar counter while L2 stood on the couch directly in front of me. He was looking right at me, almost like he was waiting for me.

This chick was starting to scare me. I knew it was just a game but the way that chick acted… Didn’t seem like a game. I decided to take them outside and show them the world. I put them on a lead and took them out. At first both acted normal, but then I made a major mistake.

I brought the chicks over to an adult chicken and let them waddle around for a bit. When it was time to go inside I took the adult chicken with us back into my room. I went to manage my farm while they rested.

Again when I came back they were gone, so I checked the secret room and what I saw startled me. L2 was sitting on the couch again right in front of me, looking right at me. This time R2 ran out of the room. The adult chicken just ignored me. I ran out of the house because the chicken scared me so badly.

Killing it seemed like a bad thing so I went back inside but stayed in the living room. My pig, Pepi, was on the couch with me. I decided to go outside but forgot my tools. I remembered them when I got half way down the hall. When I turned around that damn chicken was right in front of me.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    That wasn’t a story. Nothing happened.

  • Jayce

    Something tells me you play on the peaceful setting

  • Swotsy

    Why was it ironic that it was Thanksgiving? …

    • Elizabeth

      Maybe it’s like ummmm the mystery behind his story , and at the end of the last chapter you will see that the chickens were actually turkeys planning to take over the world *giggles*

  • Elizabeth

    Umm so umm I will start by saying that your story isn’t creepy or anything like that , I really don’t want to be rude forgive me , but if you want to come up with something good , try to read more and not come up with stories from your games , try to make the connections between sentences a little bit better and pay more attention to your grammar when you write x3