Killer Chris

His name is Christopher Paterson. He was born in 1936.  When he was born doctors could tell that he wasn’t an ordinary child. He acted differently. He cried until his vocal cords messed up and feels much more pain than anyone. At the age of 16, his mom and dad were brutally murdered right before his eyes. He tried to stop the psychopath from beating his parent’s lifeless bodies but was quickly pined to the ground. He continued to struggle until he heared the click of a gun. The man said to him,”it will all be over soon” and pulled the trigger. The murderer ran away as the cops chased him through the city. But no one tended to the corpses. Christopher later awoke with a pain in his head. He put his hand to his head and saw that he was bleeding. He quickly ran to a puddle and saw that he had been shot in the head. “How am I alive?!” he thought. Then he had realized that his parents were dead. He ran to them, tears in his eyes, and said that,”this isn’t real! I have to wake up!” repeatedly for 3 hours. Then he got up with dark circles around his eyes, marks from the tears, and a big grin on his face,”I will find who did this to you, and I will give them twice the amount of pain we have felt.” It didn’t take him long to find the murderer and when he did the man was in shock! “I…I killed you! And you’re parents! H…How are you here now?”  Christopher says, “Do you know what pain is? Pain is what makes us humans, human. But you see, I am not human, at least I don’t think I am. Pain is something you don’t normally wish apon others. But you thought otherwise. Pain is something I’ve learned to love. It makes me feel… good?So I’m going to make you feel pain. A pain in which you’ve never felt before!!!” Christopher proceeds to rip the man’s flesh from his body until there is nothing left. The man sits there screaming and trying to get up. *Christopher spots a lemon tree a few yards away, he picks 2 lemons and walks back. Christopher shows the man his two lemons. The man screams even louder and is desperately trying to get up.* “You see, the world is a terrible place. No one should have to live through the pain that you and I have gone through. So I am going to “free” them of their pain by simply taking their life. No more humans, no more pain. I wish I could die just like you.” *He holds the lemons over the man*” It will all be over soon” *Christopher then squeezes the lemon and the juices connect with the man’s body. Oh the screams, it was truly the sound of pain.* “You’re screaming is a sign that it’s working. You are dieing. And soon you will leave this wretched Earth to some other place. Farewell.” *Then walked away. Not looking back at the man he just killed* Christopher cannot age. He forever looks like a 16 year old. He has killed thousands of people since 1952. It is currently 2017. Some say if you pour him a glass of your own blood he will temporarily spare you. If you don’t, he will torture you and then kill you. He is completely indestructible. Cannot die whatsoever.     IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT KILLER CHRIS MAKE SURE TO LET ME KNOW! Thanks 😉

  • Adam Pack

    Decent story. Formatting makes it more difficult to read. Needs paragraphs and spacing.

  • Kayla Sweet

    More please

  • Simon

    I’m not Jeff the Killer! I’m my original character Killer Chris!

  • Brandon Barrett

    This just seems to be a cheap imitation of Jeff The Killer. It was also terrible