Just a Game

“It’s just a game,” they said as they laugh and use the Ouija board.

“It’s just a game,” one of them says, as the answer to his question, “Will I die today?” is answered with a “Yes.”

“It’s just a game…” they say after finishing the game the wrong way as the lights  go out.

“It’s just a game!” they scream as they hear noises coming from the walls.

“It’s was just a game!” the last survivor says, as I cut off his head with my bare hands.

Well… It was just a game, until someone gets hurt… The Game of Life, my favorite game.

  • Jane Fox

    I love how it just leaves you on edge. I NEED A BACKSTORY! I NEED MORE! Great Job! Janesupter (me) wishes you luck!

  • Puddin Tane

    It does need more of a back story to grab a person’s interest.