Jokes on You

It was a bright and sunny day, there was a cop sitting in his car. He had blonde hair brown eyes, he was very tall. He looked out of the window of the car and saw a girl walking down the road. There was something strange about this girl, just the way she looked, her purple hair, her oddly colored skin. She was wearing a white dress that went down to her knees that was torn slightly on the left side. She looked only twelve years old. He watched as she stumbled around, the girl seemed to be looking for something, the cop rolled down his window.

“Miss, can I help you?” he asked a little loudly. She stopped and looked up at the cop. They stared at each other, until a car went by and she was gone. He was looking around for her when the radio came on.

“Calling all units. We have a situation at the Mathew hospital,” a woman said. The man looked at the radio then some else ask:

“What we got dispatch?”

There was a pause.

“We have a 187.” The cop quickly fumbled to pick up the radio.

“Dispatch, let me handle this,” he said. There was a long pause.

“Fine, just don’t screw it up… again,” the woman said. The cop smiled as he started the car.

“Roger,” he said as he drove off.

As the cop pulled up to the scene, he noticed the lack of other cops. Their cars were here, but not them. So he guessed they were inside. The cop got out of his car and went into the hospital. There was a really strong smell of copper. The cop went to pulled his gun… but he forgot it at the car. Suddenly he heard gunfire. By it sounds, it was one of their guns, then there was a scream…

He ran towards the screaming, forgetting the fact that he don’t have a gun or anything to protect himself with. At the end of the hallway, there was a door. The scream were coming from there. He kicked down the door. The room was dark, it was very hard to see. He walk in the room, he bumped into something on the floor and tripped. He flipped over and looked at what he had tripped over. In horror he realized that it was a fellow cop.

“Dispatch, we have a…” he started to say but stopped when he heard, “La la la la la la la la,” a little girl’s voice sang. The cop now scared, went for his fallen comrades gun when he got it he pointed it around.

“Show yourself!” he yelled. He listened and waited, The singing stopped and the cop started to shake when he saw someone in the shadows.

“Alright, put yo-your hands up,” he said with no confidence. The little girl laughed as she ran towards the cop and tried to stab him with something, but he moved out of the way and hit the wall.

‘If only I could see her,’ he thought. He feel something poking his back, he put his hand on it.

‘A light switch…? What are the odds? It works,’ he thought. He flipped it and a blinding light turned on. The cops eye quickly adjusted, but the little girl was blinded by the light. The little girl had brown hair and green eye she wore a nurses outfit she looked eight year old, she had stitches in her face that made her look like she’s always smile.

“Alright, you asked for it,” the cop said as pulled the trigger…


He looked down at the gun… it was out of ammo. He went to radio in help, but his radio was not there. The girl still blinded by the light, started to swing around what looked like a scalpel around. That was his cue to leave. He ran as fast as he could as he got outside it was night. He ran to his car. He opened the door and grabbed his gun just in time to feel a sharp pain go across his throat.

“Did you really think you could get away from me?” she said in a distorted voice. “Well, jokes on you.”

  • Kriteeq

    Transition between sentences and plot points is really rough. I found myself changing the words in my mind as i read. Not necessarily bad just needs improvement.