In the Bed

I woke at 3 in the morning, to scratching. It came from my bed, a monster underneath? No I was too old for that. I got up and turned on the light I looked under the bed and, as I thought, nothing.

Just my imagination.

I thought, I got back in bed after turning the light back off and tried to go back to sleep.

Again I heard scratching, I was getting uneasy at this point, and decided to just ignore it. But as I tried to ignore it, it got louder until I decided it had to stop.

I turned the room upside down while the deafening sound continued but to no avail. But as I was giving up I realized that the sound was louder near my bed.

My bed was two mattresses thick and as I thought about it, the scratching might be in my bed.

I slowly and nervously pulled off the mattress and then finally jerked it off. Nothing.

I decided to just sleep, so as I turned around to go downstairs. I stopped. When I heard the scratching again…

This time right behind me. I turned around slowly and all I saw before I awoke in the hospital, was the cold black dead eyes of the creature in my bed.

  • Kamishiro Yuu


  • Abreon Turner

    This story could have used A lot more detail. I understand it was supposed to be a short story, but none if it really made sense because just how short it was.