I’m Sorry – Part 3

Author’s note: To everyone who reads this, thank you. Thank you for reading this (or any of my stories) and thank you for revitalizing my passion for writing. If I could thank every single one of you who reads this, I would. So, I hope that this is a sufficient way to do so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

11/23/1990 10:35

Hey Grandma!

It’s your favorite granddaughter!

No, not Tiffany.

That’s not funny.

Are you guys still coming up to celebrate?

No Grandma, I know it was the 22nd remember we didn’t get to come down because of work.

So you are coming?


I love you Grandma!

See you soon!

11/23/1990 11:58

Sorry for calling again Grandma.

Mom told me to remind you that you’re supposed to bring your Mac and Cheese.

I forgot to tell you though so I called back.

But Grandma, your Mac and Cheese is so rad!

You have to make it!



Thanks Grandma, you’re the best!

See you in two days!

11/24/1990 6:56


Hey listen I have a favour to ask you.

Could you please come today?

I know, I know

Just could you please come here today?

Ok fine, but I swear I’m telling the truth.

Ok so, you know how aunt Pam was supposed to come in yesterday?

Well, she got in super early.

But she didn’t have Katie or uncle Dave with her.

Which isn’t a big deal but Katie was

totally excited about coming so we can


But that’s not all.

When we askes about it Pam just ignored


And she hasn’t been herself.

She didn’t even sleep last night.

All she did was sit by the fire all

night mumbling to herself.

Like, I went to be at 11…

Grandma, I don’t need a bedtime I’m 11

I’m practically an adult ok.

That’s beside the point.

She was still there when I got up at 6.

That’s so weird right?

She’s just making me feel weird when I’m

around her.

So please can you come up today?

Grandma please.


That’s so unfair no one is even

listening to me!

She’s being so creepy and no one even notices!

Whatever see you tomorrow.

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