I’m Here…

It was Saturday, I was home alone with my baby brother. My parents were out on business purposes and I was watching YouTube on my phone while my brother asleep upstairs. At midnight, I heard a tapping on the window. “Must have been a branch,” I said aloud. I didn’t think much of it until a little while later.

I was watching TV when I heard a tap tap tap sound followed by whispers, “I’m here,” said the voice. “What the…?” I looked at the source of the sound but nothing was there. Then I had a sudden thought; my baby brother. This could be a child abductor!

I ran up the stairs, nearly tripping in my hurry to check on my brother. As I reached the top step, I heard a baby’s scream that was abruptly cut short. ‘Oh no,’ I thought, ‘am I too late?’ I reached the room and slowly opened the door with a shaky hand. I reached the crib and nearly puked.

In the crib was my baby brother’s head, eyes missing, mouth wide open in wide terror. Next to the head was the body. It was mutilated, battered, and bloody. On the wall behind the crib were the words, “I’M HERE…” written in crimson blood. My blood ran cold as I heard a voice behind me say, “AND I’M NOT SATISFIED…” Then my parents came home and the creature vanished.

I was arrested for manslaughter and admitted to an asylum. Why am I telling you this? Heh, isn’t it obvious? I’ll let you figure it out. When you do… look out your window…

  • trixie

    0-0 more is all i can say this was amazing