I’m a Detective, I Don’t Know What To Do With This Case

I work as a detective for suspicious deaths in a town that I’d prefer not to mention. I spend my work days looking at some gruesome scenes trying to figure out time of death, reason of death, and if needed, who was the murderer. It may seem like an exciting job, but most of the time we just look at a body and decide whether they were murdered; most suspects in this town feel so guilty that they turn themselves in.

There was a case a few years back that I still have dreams, nightmares rather, about. The guy never got caught, but the victim had no relatives; the police station had no problem just closing the case. I’ll tell you about the gruesome details because I know that’s what people on this forum enjoy reading.

I walked into the house after receiving a report from a neighbor that said the person in the apartment next to her hadn’t left the house in a while and normally left every weekend to go party. We told her to just go check on him herself and she walked into his place to find him on the floor, face down. My group of fellow detectives and I arrived as soon as possible. We put on our gloves and turned the man over in order to identify him; the neighbor had no idea who he was. His face was horribly disfigured and burned completely beyond recognition. The man was missing his hands, feet, and teeth; whoever did this must have known how to keep a body from being identified.

We printed the entire house, but there was nothing. The only way we ruled out suicide was the fact that no one could have pulled out their teeth, cut off their feet, cut off both of their hands, and burned their own face. The most baffling thing was the fact that the neighbor never heard him scream.

When searching the house for evidence, we found a note telling us to look for his hands in the park. Just as I read the note, there was a report of someone finding a suspicious box in the park.

I dropped the case right away and decided to pass it on to someone else; no one took it, so we just closed the case.

  • ThatRandomCreepyPasta

    I honestly think you should continue the case. But if you wish, it’s probably a good idea to drop the case. Some normal citizens might try and get involved if it’s left unsolved, it is a very common thing. It might escalate…or not. I don’t know 😂

  • Kitsunae_Kazida

    It has a great start. Explains a bit of the character but doesn’t explain to much. Their job which pertains to the story and a general personality. The ending was bland and cliche. This could have been a fantastic read if there was more info. What was in the box? Anyone report the face, teeth, or feet at a later point in time? What was the victims identity? On top of that the cop out (heh, get it. Cop out?) on the case. A case like that cant go cold that soon. Its a federal law that mandates that a case with uneeded or extremly vicious violence be active for at least 48 hours to exhaust any possible leads as to who the killer is or if any more evidence can be found. I really want to see this actually written. Its a type of book i havent seen much of at all.

    • Gay Horror

      When writing the beginning, I was very excited to write. I got bored quickly, as I don’t like writing fiction in first person. I’ll try to put more work into my next writing piece. Thanks for reading, the feedback really helps!