I Fought The Woods

I was only ten years old when I went to those woods. I walked through the woods all alone and my mom just died, someone or something needed to pay. I ran to a tree with a sentence engraved on it, harm these woods you will become the monster you portray. I started a fire on that tree and it took over the woods in an orange glow that consumed a quarter of the woods.

I’m back in these woods ten years later with some friends for a camping trip. I can see the trees growing back but some parts of the woods never came back. That night when everyone was asleep I went to find the tree that I started fire to. I came to a dark part of the woods were everything was black and dead.

I saw the a tree that was still alive and when I got closer I realized it was the tree I started the fire to. This tree looked fine and the words still engraved in the tree. I felt something come up behind me so quick it tore any courage I had. A voice kept speaking to me with a ghost looking at me at different positions.

“Yes you came back, you know who I am, I’m the spirit of the woods, you are the monster of the woods yes, I see it now you will become the devils dog, a werewolf I see, you will protect these woods” the voice said then vanished. I walked back to camp feeling dizzy, fading in and out of my memories then I felt myself change into a horrifying beast standing tall. I ran into my camp and saw my friends starting a giant fire and laughing then… I snapped. I ripped their heads off and tore them apart then ate them, they weren’t nearly fast enough.

Sunrise came and I never changed back, I was stuck a werewolf until the full moon. Every full moon since I would change to human and bring the bodies I killed to the devil himself. The devil would smile and grant me a week back home with my wife, I had to kill. To see my wife again and to be a protector of the woods I became the devils hound, he would give me money through hard work.

By the end of the first year I killed over one thousand people but after the first few months their screams don’t bother you. I have a job to do and a wife to take care of so if you come to the woods, you understand. I am a protector and a destroyer I am the dark, the light, the moon, the sun, the man, the beast. I am a werewolf.

Look at the moon and feel the shake in your soul and the fear in your spine. Look at the sun and know there’s darkness in the light and blood in the wind. Look into the trees and see me looking straight into your eyes hunting you.

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